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Wildcards Search plugin for Jira


This plugin extends your Jira search capabilities. It adds new JQL functions that return list of values matching specified pattern. You can use wildcard character (*) and specify several patterns as the function arguments.

This plugin provides following functions: * assigneesList (search by assignee full user name ) * componentsList (search by component) * labelsList (search by label) * projectsList (search by project name)


labels in labelsList("order*")
returns list of issues with labels like "order", "orders" or "orders/ui" example1.png

labels in labelsList("order*","*ui*")
returns list of issues with labels like"order", "orders", "orders/ui" as well as "ui","ui/test" or "regressionTests/ui" (works as logical OR) HighlightScreenshot1840x900 - multiplePatterns.png

component in componentsList("*ts")
returns list of issues where values in Component field end with "ts" HighlightScreenshot1840x900 - endsWith.png

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