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How to deploy/install the plugin?

A. Download the plugin.

B. Make directories needed as following and put files in appropriate directory respectively.




C. Make working directories for this plugin.



How to input mathematical formulas?

All formulas may be input in the entry edit box when creating a new entry or modifying an existing one. Here are two examples.

$latex a_2$

$latex \frac{1}{2}$

Some hacks needed for MT 4.3 (English version).

A.Modify "Entry Summary" template

REPLACE <$mt:EntryBody$> WITH <MTEntryBody latex=1>

B. Modify "Entry" template

REPLACE <$mt:EntryBody$> WITH <MTEntryBody latex=1>

thanks to hedong


Make sure you have latex installed for debian: sudo aptitude install texlive-latex-extra sudo aptitude install dvipng