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Release Notes for PingFire Beta.

You can download the file from: 

The extension is only compatible with FF4. 

In order to start pinging from Firefox you must do two things:

1. 	Add the "Ping" button to a menu.  You can do this by going 
	to View >> Toolbars >> Customize ...
2. 	Provide the extension with your Application Key.  
	(You can find your key by going to: 
	From within Firefox, go to Tools >> Add-Ons.  Find "Ping Fire" 
	in the list then click the "Preferences" button. 
	Enter your User Name and your Application Key into the fields provided then click "Ok."

This FireFox plug-in is free to use and distribute.  Feel free to look at the code, use
the code, modify the code.

This application comes with absolutely no warranty.  I can not and will not be held
responsible for any trouble this application causes you.


PingFire was written by Zack Schwenk,   
Currently maintained by Alex Mikhalev

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