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The comment at line 245 seems to be incorrect: storage is ALWAYS allocated, rather than using existing storage as in comment.

Thus, a better name would be lua_new<T> consistent with Lua (which has lua_newuserdata, but not lua_pushuserdata)

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  1. Alexander Ames repo owner

    You're correct that the comment it wrong, but you're wrong about the reason. "Storage", in this case does not refer to userdata, it refers to a table that your object uses to store values on itself. For example, I might have a type Widget and do something like this:

    local w = = 100

    Even though Widgets don't have any fields named foo, and Widgets are userdata, I can use the index and newindex metamethods to store foo on a separate table which I refer to as a storage table in the code.

    At one point doing luaW_push would create a storage table if one didn't already exist for the object, but I ran into problems getting them cleaned up and so I moved that code to luaW_hold. However, I've since adjusted how stuff works so I should be able to move that logic back to luaW_push where it really belongs. I'll try to get to that some time this weekend, it's not a hard change.

    There already is a luaW_new, which will create a new object of type T, hold it, and push it on to the Lua stack (You could then retrieve it with T* t = luaW_to<T>(L, -1); if you wanted to use it immediately). luaW_push is an appropriate name for this function as it works mostly analogously to other lua_push* functions.

  2. qwer1304 NA reporter

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    Got it, thanx.

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