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about svn-wiki

This wiki engine use svn to store pages and changing data,so i called it svn wiki It's based on tornado web server from here

svn-wiki features

1.create page with a WUSIWUG editor 2.edit page 3.rollback page to past vision 4.upload files

Go ahead and try:

$ hg clone

Start to use svn wiki


$ vim

change settings and add user

define("user",default="liming")     #svn user
define("password",default="xxx")  #svn password
define("port",default=8989,type=int)   #web server listen to this port
define("rep",default="svn://") #reponsitory path
define("workcopy",default=u"/home/alexlee/svn/workspace/svn-wiki/work-cp2")    #path of working copy
define("upfile",default=u"/home/alexlee/svn/workspace/svn-wiki/static/upload")   #path of uploading file directory
#user-start add user in this dictionary
    admin="123456",     #admin user,only this user can rollback changes

step2 you can start server as service use:

$ python start

stop or restart service

$ python stop
$ python restart