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CompSocSci / mission

In the context of the current data revolution, Computational Social Science (CSS) applies established and new data mining and information analysis methods to a growing wealth of arts, humanities, and social science data. CSS is driven by the availability of big and long data and technological and mathematical developments in Computer Science such as those arising, for example, in security, data mining, information retrieval, machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming languages, software engineering, autonomous systems, ... . CSS as we understand it aims both at making these technological and mathematical developments useful to the Social Sciences and at studying from a Social Science perspective how these new technologies interact with the society and environment.

The inaugural event was held on June 6, 2016, as a research seminar of the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. An extended version of Alexander's presentation.

Currently, our aim is to organise interdisciplinary seminars and find a range of topics to collaborate on.

To get in touch email one of the organisers Stefano de Sabbata, Alexander Kurz, Giuseppe Veltri.