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hgactivity is an extension for mercurial (
that creates an image displaying the activity for a repository.

The official homepage is

Design & Coding:
Thomas Capricelli <>

hgactivity is tested with python 2.6 and 2.7, and mercurial 1.6.x and
1.7.x. It probably works with older versions of mercurial. Please report a
bug on if you
have any issue.

You need to have matplotlib installed, check your distribution tools and
documentation to have it installed.


You need to extract the source somewhere (in my setup i use
~/hg/hgactivity/) and to tell mercurial about it, by adding a line like
this one to ~/.hgrc:


(use your actual path to the file, of course)

More information on the wiki
and the documentation page

Thomas Capricelli <>