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About Trac

Trac is a minimalistic web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system. It provides an interface to the Subversion revision control systems, an integrated wiki, flexible issue tracking and convenient report facilities.

Trac is distributed using the modified BSD License.

  • For installation instructions, please see the INSTALL. *
  • If you are upgrading from a previous Trac version, please read UPGRADE. *

You might also want to take a look at the RELEASE and ChangeLog files for more information.

Otherwise, the primary source of information is the main Trac web site:


We hope you enjoy it,

/The Trac Team

Recent activity

Eduard-Cristian Stefan

Eduard-Cristian Stefan pushed 1437 commits to alexandrul/Trac

39562cd - 1.1.2dev: Merged [12669] from 1.0-stable (fix for #11571)
c76cd82 - 1.0.2dev: Merged [12668] from 0.12-stable (fix for #11571)
680d53c - 0.12.6dev: fixed report crashing if percent characters used inside quoted identifier and dymanic variables used (fixed #11571)
2527516 - 1.1.2dev: Merged [12666] from 1.0-stable. Refs #11520.
385642e - 1.0.2dev: Removed workaround from [12573]. Refs #11520.
Jun Omae

Commits by Jun Omae were pushed to alexandrul/Trac

ea7f03a - 1.0dev: Workaround too much margin on buttons and the horizontal scrollbar on a wiki page in IE7
Jun Omae

Commits by Jun Omae were pushed to alexandrul/Trac

b2433aa - 1.0dev: Fixed double scrollbars with IE8 compatibility mode and force IE family to render in the recent mode
Christian Boos

Commits by Christian Boos were pushed to alexandrul/Trac

6116820 - 1.0dev: the default values for a new ticket are already preset (and in a better way) in `Ticket._init_defaults`. This fixes the glitch seen in the ...
Remy Blank

Commits by Remy Blank were pushed to alexandrul/Trac

4a92584 - 1.0dev: Removed the `closed` CSS class from the ticket ID in the title to avoid the strike-through style. This will be re-visited as part of ...
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