Remy Blank committed 4a92584

1.0dev: Removed the `closed` CSS class from the ticket ID in the title to avoid the strike-through style.

This will be re-visited as part of #10741.

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   <!--! use a placeholder if it's a new ticket -->
-    <a href="${href.ticket(}" class="${classes('trac-id', closed=ticket.status == 'closed')}">
-      #${}
-    </a>
+    <a href="${href.ticket(}" class="trac-id">#${}</a>
     <span class="trac-status">${ticket.status}</span>
     <span class="trac-type" py:if="ticket.type">${ticket.type}</span>
     <span class="trac-resolution" py:if="ticket.resolution">(${ticket.resolution})</span>