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Tag Commit Date Download
tip 181df60
0.7.5 3f6f206
0.7.4 738417d
0.7.3 b35fdff
stableish 7e4cbf8
0.7.2 7e4cbf8
0.7.1 c395caf
0.7 69b4986
0.7-rc1 4cea19e 713b866
0.6.2 7dc7f1e
0.6.1 68d4398
migration-refactor 35f3f8e
0.6 8e48729
0.6-rc1 0333951
0.5 401d26c
0.4 2d3621d
0.3 7b837b0
0.2 1b7449c
Branch Commit Date Download
default 181df60
restore-app-cache-state 57bc8c3
migration-update2 373d170 5edc3ce
fix-skipunless-python-lt-2.6 31b2739
package-south.test.non_managed ec503ef
sqlite3-_remake_table-get-indexes-consistency-rewrite 2aca282
print-statement-leftover eca5329
aware-datetime-test-failure 522ecd3
delete-recursive-foreign-key 1ec9bcf
transaction-db-alias 734f65f
fix-sqlite-backend-_column_sql_for_create 26dce96
has-ddl-transaction-feature-detection a618c9c
migrate_+_or_- 99ba041
list_migrations_with_time_applied fba4231
output_failing_sql 780045c
schemamigration_pep8_output f2a2613
bug-700 8f2c38e
rebase 8651d12
autofakefirst 35a2411
0.7 516b011
noparsing e1ac69a
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