FaviconBrowser / FaviconBrowser.sln

alexdavies74 8a405f1 

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00
# Visual Studio 11
Project("{FAE04EC0-301F-11D3-BF4B-00C04F79EFBC}") = "FaviconBrowser", "FaviconBrowser\FaviconBrowser.csproj", "{FF26F65E-0DF6-4DC9-B37A-7CB5387244ED}"
	GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
		Debug|Any CPU = Debug|Any CPU
		Release|Any CPU = Release|Any CPU
	GlobalSection(ProjectConfigurationPlatforms) = postSolution
		{FF26F65E-0DF6-4DC9-B37A-7CB5387244ED}.Debug|Any CPU.ActiveCfg = Debug|Any CPU
		{FF26F65E-0DF6-4DC9-B37A-7CB5387244ED}.Debug|Any CPU.Build.0 = Debug|Any CPU
		{FF26F65E-0DF6-4DC9-B37A-7CB5387244ED}.Release|Any CPU.ActiveCfg = Release|Any CPU
		{FF26F65E-0DF6-4DC9-B37A-7CB5387244ED}.Release|Any CPU.Build.0 = Release|Any CPU
	GlobalSection(SolutionProperties) = preSolution
		HideSolutionNode = FALSE
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