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Grail is a cross-platform application created using Python and PyQt, intended for use in churches all around the world or another production. It supports basic audio/video playback, text cues and many more. Grail works on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Some of the features of Grail are:

  • Media playback (audio / video / images)
  • Cues & Cuelist: you can create unlimited number of cues in cuelists and use
  • Cornerpin for easy projection setup
  • Quick full text & reference search in Bible (170+ translations available)
  • OSC communication
  • Can be used with professional software: Processing, TouchDesigner, openFrameworks
  • It's absolutly free!

User Manual

Here we discover basic concepts of using Grail in church or another production.

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For Developers

"How does Grail work?", "What technologies used?", "How to extend Grail?" - all that questions and even more will be covered in developer section of this documentation.

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Where I can get Grail?

Grail is a free and Open Source application distributed under GPLv3 license. You can download executable files for your platform at or checkout source code at

Want to support project?

Your help needed for Grail project to evelve and make world better place. Grail is absolutely free for anybody, but it doesn't mean that all development, hardware or services used in making software is also free. It cost real money to make real things, so we appreciate your support.

Find out more at

Other projects & examples

GrailKit repository

Python library for cretive coding.

Grail for Reaper repository

Reaper DAW plugin for syncing Reaper and Grail.

Grail + Processing repository

Processing sketch that can recieve OSC messages from Grail
and generate texture with received cue text. Supports Spout and Syphon output.

Can be used as standalone app for displaying text in Resolume, Modul8, vDMX.