Grail Kit

Grailkit is a library for creative and experimental coding. This library used for development of Grail application ( Grailkit includes handling of Project, CueList's, Cue and reading/writing to *.grail files. Reading and writing to grail bible format. Implements MIDI, OSC, DMX protocols.

Modules and features


  • db - Thin sqlite database wrapper
  • core - Signals and basic types
  • plug - Plugin loading/registration
  • util - Utility functions, constants and classes

Grail file format:

  • dna - Grail format I/O
  • bible - Grail bible format I/O
  • bible_parse - Parsing other bible formats to grail format

Protocols & communication:

  • osc - Open Sound Control protocol in pure python
  • dmx - DMX I/O based on RS245 (experimental)
  • midi - MIDI I/O library


Python 3.3+

This library is in Pure Python and depends only on following projects:

  • python-rtmidi (MIDI module)
  • pyserial (DMX module)
  • pybind11 (for building Spout module)