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Add a few more highlights and colors.

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File colors/sunburst.vim

 " sunburst.vim by AlexMax
-" A theme based on the Sunburst theme for Textmate, with white-on-blue
-" interface stylings reminiscent of irssi elsewhere.
+" A theme based on the Sunburst theme for Textmate, with interface stylings
+" reminiscent of Sublime Text 2's Soda Dark theme.
 " Supports 16-color terminals, 256-color xterms and GUI.  It's most likely
 " broken on 88-color rxvt and non-recent versions of vim, patches welcome.
 " Background: #000000 (Black)
 " Foreground: #F8F8F8 (Alabaster)
+"      Caret: #A7A7A7 (Silver Chalice)
+" Invisibles: #CAE2FB (Hawkes Blue) @ 24% opacity
+"       Line: #FFFFFF (White) @ 5% opacity
+"  Selection: #DDF0FF (Pattens Blue) @ 20% opacity
+" Syntax colors as defined in the original theme
 "    Comment: #AEAEAE (Silver Chalice)
 "   Constant: #3387CC (Mariner)
 "     Entity: #89BDFF (Malibu)
 let s:G_White='#ffffff'
 let s:G_Alabaster='#F8F8F8'
+let s:G_HawkesBlue24='#30363C'
+let s:G_White5='#0C0C0C'
+let s:G_PattensBlue20='#2C3033'
 let s:G_SilverChalice='#AEAEAE'
 let s:G_Mariner='#3387CC'
 let s:G_Malibu='#89BDFF'
 if &t_Co == 256
 	let s:T_Alabaster='231'
+	let s:T_HawkesBlue24='59'
+	let s:T_White5='16'
+	let s:T_PattensBlue20='23'
 	let s:T_SilverChalice='145'
 	let s:T_Mariner='68'
 	let s:T_Malibu='111'
 	let s:T_PigeonPost='152'
 	let s:T_Alabaster='White'
+	let s:T_HawkesBlue24='DarkGray'
+	let s:T_White5='Black'
+	let s:T_PattensBlue20='DarkCyan'
 	let s:T_SilverChalice='Gray'
-	let s:T_Mariner='DarkBlue'
-	let s:T_Malibu='Blue'
+	let s:T_Mariner='Blue'
+	let s:T_Malibu='Cyan'
 	let s:T_Terracotta='Red'
 	let s:T_Conifer='Green'
 	let s:T_Apple='DarkGreen'
 	let s:T_Mamba='Magenta'
-	let s:T_RoyalBlue='DarkBlue'
+	let s:T_RoyalBlue='Blue'
 	let s:T_PigeonPost='Blue'
 " Base vim color scheme
-exe 'hi Normal ctermfg='.s:T_Alabaster.'guifg='.s:G_Alabaster.' guibg='.s:G_Black
-exe 'hi Cursor guibg='.s:G_Alabaster
+exe 'hi Normal ctermfg='.s:T_Alabaster.' guifg='.s:G_Alabaster.' guibg='.s:G_Black
+exe 'hi Cursor guibg=#A7A7A7'
+exe 'hi CursorLine guibg='.s:G_White5
+exe 'hi ColorColumn guibg='.s:G_White5
+exe 'hi NonText ctermfg='.s:T_HawkesBlue24.' guifg='.s:G_HawkesBlue24
+exe 'hi SpecialKey ctermfg='.s:T_HawkesBlue24.' guifg='.s:G_HawkesBlue24
+exe 'hi Visual ctermbg='.s:T_PattensBlue20.' guibg='.s:G_PattensBlue20
 " Base vim syntax highlighting
 exe 'hi Comment ctermfg='.s:T_SilverChalice.' gui=Italic guifg='.s:G_SilverChalice
 exe 'hi Constant ctermfg='.s:T_Mariner.' guifg='.s:G_Mariner
 exe 'hi Delimiter ctermfg='.s:T_Alabaster.' guifg='.s:G_Alabaster
 exe 'hi Entity ctermfg='.s:T_Malibu.' guifg='.s:G_Malibu
-exe 'hi Identifier ctermfg='.s:T_RoyalBlue.' guifg='.s:G_RoyalBlue
+exe 'hi Identifier cterm=NONE ctermfg='.s:T_RoyalBlue.' guifg='.s:G_RoyalBlue
 exe 'hi PreProc ctermfg='.s:T_PigeonPost.' guifg='.s:G_PigeonPost
 exe 'hi String ctermfg='.s:T_Apple.' guifg='.s:G_Apple
 exe 'hi Special ctermfg='.s:T_Mamba.' guifg='.s:G_Mamba
-exe 'hi Statement ctermfg='.s:T_Terracotta.' guifg='.s:G_Terracotta
-exe 'hi Type ctermfg='.s:T_Conifer.' guifg='.s:G_Conifer
+exe 'hi Statement gui=NONE ctermfg='.s:T_Terracotta.' guifg='.s:G_Terracotta
+exe 'hi Type gui=NONE ctermfg='.s:T_Conifer.' guifg='.s:G_Conifer