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Gut the color scheme, rename it to the original theme.

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File colors/alexmax.vim

-" alexmax.vim by AlexMax
-" A theme designed for a 16 color terminal.  Looks best with Python, other
-" languages are supported piecemeal as I find the time and/or care.
-" Syntax colors are based loosely on the Sunburst theme for Textmate,
-" translated into the 16 standard ANSI terminal colors.  Interface colors
-" tend to adhere to a white-on-blue asthetic, reminiscent of irssi.
-" If you're going to hack support for your favorite language into this
-" colorscheme, be aware that due to the inconsistent way that some of the vim
-" syntax files are put together it's not always possible to make a language
-" highlight similarly to Python.  For example, many syntax files consider
-" parentheses an operator, or do not count quotes as being part of a string.
-" Since the theme is loosely based on Sunburst, GUI users can use:
-"     let alexmax_sunburst = 1 
-" to turn the syntax highlighting colors into something more closely
-" resembling the actual Sunburst theme.  Please note that this only swaps out
-" color definitions, it does not attempt to make the actual syntax
-" highlighting resemble Textmate any more or less than the default colors do.
-set background=dark
-highlight clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-	syntax reset
-let g:colors_name = "alexmax"
-" GUI color equivalents.
-let s:Black='#000000'
-let s:DarkBlue='#0000bb'
-let s:DarkGreen='#00bb00'
-let s:DarkGray='#555555'
-let s:DarkCyan='#00bbbb'
-let s:DarkRed='#bb0000'
-let s:DarkMagenta='#bb00bb'
-let s:DarkYellow='#bbbb00'
-let s:Gray='#bbbbbb'
-let s:Blue='#5555ff'
-let s:Green='#55ff55'
-let s:Cyan='#55ffff'
-let s:Red='#ff5555'
-let s:Magenta='#ff55ff'
-let s:Yellow='#ffff55'
-let s:White='#ffffff'
-if has("gui_macvim")
-	if exists("alexmax_sunburst") && alexmax_sunburst != 0
-		" GUI-style text and cursor
-		exe 'hi Normal guifg='.s:White.' guibg='.s:Black
-		exe 'hi Cursor guibg='.s:White
-	else
-		" Terminal-style text and cursor
-		exe 'hi Normal guifg='.s:Gray.' guibg='.s:Black
-		exe 'hi Cursor guibg='.s:Green
-	endif
-" Base vim color scheme
-exe 'hi Cursor guibg='.s:Green 
-exe 'hi Directory ctermfg=White guifg='.s:White
-exe 'hi Folded ctermfg=White guifg='.s:White
-exe 'hi FoldColumn ctermfg=Yellow guifg='.s:Yellow
-exe 'hi HelpExample ctermfg=White guifg='.s:White
-exe 'hi LineNr ctermfg=White guifg='.s:White
-exe 'hi MatchParen cterm=Reverse ctermfg=Gray ctermbg=None guibg='.s:Gray
-exe 'hi NonText ctermfg=DarkGray guifg='.s:DarkGray
-exe 'hi Pmenu ctermfg=Gray ctermbg=DarkBlue guifg='.s:Gray.' guibg='.s:DarkBlue
-exe 'hi PmenuSel ctermfg=White ctermbg=DarkBlue guifg='.s:White.' guibg='.s:DarkBlue
-exe 'hi SignColumn ctermfg=Yellow guifg='.s:Yellow
-exe 'hi SpecialKey ctermfg=DarkGray guifg='.s:DarkGray
-exe 'hi StatusLine cterm=None ctermfg=White ctermbg=DarkBlue gui=None guifg='.s:White.' guibg='.s:DarkBlue
-exe 'hi StatusLineNC cterm=None ctermfg=Gray ctermbg=DarkBlue gui=None guifg='.s:Gray.' guibg='.s:DarkBlue
-exe 'hi VertSplit cterm=None ctermfg=DarkBlue ctermbg=None guifg='.s:Black.' guibg='.s:DarkBlue
-exe 'hi WildMenu ctermfg=Yellow ctermbg=DarkBlue guifg='.s:Yellow.' guibg='.s:DarkBlue
-" Redefine syntax colors to look more like Textmate's Sunburst in the GUI.
-if exists("alexmax_sunburst") && alexmax_sunburst != 0
-	let s:DarkGreen='#65b042'
-	let s:Gray='#aeaeae'
-	let s:Blue='#3e87e3'
-	let s:Green='#99cf50'
-	let s:Cyan='#89bdff'
-	let s:Red='#e28964'
-	let s:Yellow='#dad085'
-" Base vim syntax highlighting.
-exe 'hi Comment ctermfg=DarkGray gui=Italic guifg='.s:DarkGray
-exe 'hi Constant ctermfg=Blue guifg='.s:Blue
-exe 'hi Delimiter ctermfg=Gray guifg='.s:White
-exe 'hi Entity ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi Identifier cterm=NONE ctermfg=Blue guifg='.s:Blue
-exe 'hi PreProc ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi String ctermfg=DarkGreen guifg='.s:DarkGreen
-exe 'hi Special ctermfg=Yellow guifg='.s:Yellow
-exe 'hi Statement ctermfg=Red guifg='.s:Red
-exe 'hi Type ctermfg=Green guifg='.s:Green
-" HTML highlighting.
-exe 'hi htmlArg ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi htmlTag ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi htmlTagN ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi htmlTagName ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi htmlEndTag ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-" PHP highlighting.
-" * Assumes usage of Paul Garvin's php.vim syntax file.
-exe 'hi phpConstants ctermfg=Red guifg='.s:Red
-exe 'hi phpFunctions ctermfg=Yellow guifg='.s:Yellow
-exe 'hi phpInclude ctermfg=Red guifg='.s:Red
-exe 'hi phpMemberSelector ctermfg=Red guifg='.s:Red
-exe 'hi phpParent ctermfg=Gray guifg='.s:Gray
-exe 'hi phpSpecial ctermfg=Green guifg='.s:Green
-exe 'hi phpVarSelector ctermfg=Blue guifg='.s:Blue
-" Python highlighting.
-" * Assumes usage of Ian McCracken's python.vim syntax file.
-exe 'hi pythonBuiltinFunc ctermfg=Yellow guifg='.s:Yellow
-exe 'hi pythonClassDef ctermfg=Green guifg='.s:Green
-exe 'hi pythonFuncDef ctermfg=Green guifg='.s:Green
-exe 'hi pythonParamName ctermfg=Blue guifg='.s:Blue
-" Shell highlighting.
-exe 'hi shDerefSimple ctermfg=Blue guifg='.s:Blue
-exe 'hi shRange ctermfg=Gray guifg='.s:Gray
-exe 'hi shSnglCase ctermfg=Gray guifg='.s:Gray
-" XML highlighting.
-exe 'hi xmlAttrib ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlAttribPunct ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlEntityPunct ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlEndTag ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlEqual ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlProcessingDelim ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlTag ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan
-exe 'hi xmlTagName ctermfg=Cyan guifg='.s:Cyan

File colors/sunburst.vim

+" sunburst.vim by AlexMax
+" A theme based on the Sunburst theme for Textmate, with white-on-blue
+" interface stylings reminiscent of irssi elsewhere.
+" Supports 16-color terminals, 256-color xterms and GUI.  It's most likely
+" broken on 88-color rxvt and non-recent versions of vim, patches welcome.
+" Base colors as defined in the original theme
+" Color names courtesy of <>
+" Background: #000000 (Black)
+" Foreground: #F8F8F8 (Alabaster)
+"    Comment: #AEAEAE (Silver Chalice)
+"   Constant: #3387CC (Mariner)
+"     Entity: #89BDFF (Malibu)
+"    Keyword: #E28964 (Terracotta)
+"    Storage: #99CF50 (Conifer)
+"     String: #65B042 (Apple)
+"    Support: #9B859D (Mamba)
+"   Variable: #3E87E3 (Royal Blue)
+" Special-case colors as defined in the original theme
+" Preprocessor Directive: #AFC4DB (Pigeon Post)
+set background=dark
+highlight clear
+if exists("syntax_on")
+	syntax reset
+let g:colors_name = "sunburst"
+" Color definitions.
+let s:G_Black='#000000'
+let s:G_DarkBlue='#0000bb'
+let s:G_DarkGreen='#00bb00'
+let s:G_DarkGray='#555555'
+let s:G_DarkCyan='#00bbbb'
+let s:G_DarkRed='#bb0000'
+let s:G_DarkMagenta='#bb00bb'
+let s:G_DarkYellow='#bbbb00'
+let s:G_Gray='#bbbbbb'
+let s:G_Blue='#5555ff'
+let s:G_Green='#55ff55'
+let s:G_Cyan='#55ffff'
+let s:G_Red='#ff5555'
+let s:G_Magenta='#ff55ff'
+let s:G_Yellow='#ffff55'
+let s:G_White='#ffffff'
+let s:G_Alabaster='#F8F8F8'
+let s:G_SilverChalice='#AEAEAE'
+let s:G_Mariner='#3387CC'
+let s:G_Malibu='#89BDFF'
+let s:G_Terracotta='#E28964'
+let s:G_Conifer='#99CF50'
+let s:G_Apple='#65B042'
+let s:G_Mamba='#9B859D'
+let s:G_RoyalBlue='#3E87E3'
+let s:G_PigeonPost='#AFC4DB'
+let s:T_Black='0'
+let s:T_DarkBlue='1'
+let s:T_DarkGreen='2'
+let s:T_DarkGray='3'
+let s:T_DarkCyan='4'
+let s:T_DarkRed='5'
+let s:T_DarkMagenta='6'
+let s:T_DarkYellow='7'
+let s:T_Gray='8'
+let s:T_Blue='9'
+let s:T_Green='10'
+let s:T_Cyan='11'
+let s:T_Red='12'
+let s:T_Magenta='13'
+let s:T_Yellow='14'
+let s:T_White='15'
+if &t_Co == 256
+	let s:T_Alabaster='231'
+	let s:T_SilverChalice='145'
+	let s:T_Mariner='68'
+	let s:T_Malibu='111'
+	let s:T_Terracotta='173'
+	let s:T_Conifer='113'
+	let s:T_Apple='71'
+	let s:T_Mamba='139'
+	let s:T_RoyalBlue='68'
+	let s:T_PigeonPost='152'
+	let s:T_Alabaster='White'
+	let s:T_SilverChalice='Gray'
+	let s:T_Mariner='DarkBlue'
+	let s:T_Malibu='Blue'
+	let s:T_Terracotta='Red'
+	let s:T_Conifer='Green'
+	let s:T_Apple='DarkGreen'
+	let s:T_Mamba='Magenta'
+	let s:T_RoyalBlue='DarkBlue'
+	let s:T_PigeonPost='Blue'
+" Base vim color scheme
+exe 'hi Normal ctermfg='.s:T_Alabaster.'guifg='.s:G_Alabaster.' guibg='.s:G_Black
+exe 'hi Cursor guibg='.s:G_Alabaster
+" Base vim syntax highlighting
+exe 'hi Comment ctermfg='.s:T_SilverChalice.' gui=Italic guifg='.s:G_SilverChalice
+exe 'hi Constant ctermfg='.s:T_Mariner.' guifg='.s:G_Mariner
+exe 'hi Delimiter ctermfg='.s:T_Alabaster.' guifg='.s:G_Alabaster
+exe 'hi Entity ctermfg='.s:T_Malibu.' guifg='.s:G_Malibu
+exe 'hi Identifier ctermfg='.s:T_RoyalBlue.' guifg='.s:G_RoyalBlue
+exe 'hi PreProc ctermfg='.s:T_PigeonPost.' guifg='.s:G_PigeonPost
+exe 'hi String ctermfg='.s:T_Apple.' guifg='.s:G_Apple
+exe 'hi Special ctermfg='.s:T_Mamba.' guifg='.s:G_Mamba
+exe 'hi Statement ctermfg='.s:T_Terracotta.' guifg='.s:G_Terracotta
+exe 'hi Type ctermfg='.s:T_Conifer.' guifg='.s:G_Conifer
 " Vundle end
 filetype plugin indent on
-"let alexmax_sunburst = 1
 let python_highlight_all = 1
-colorscheme alexmax
+colorscheme sunburst
 syntax enable
 au BufRead,BufNewFile *.less setfiletype css