A multiplayer Doom website written using Django.

Setting up altdeath

If you want to hack on altdeath yourself, read this section. These instructions assume that you are using Linux or something similar, if you're using Windows I don't know what to tell you except "Install VMware Player and grab a Ubuntu Appliance".

All you need to start out is an installation of Python 2.7 (earlier is untested), a recent version of Mercurial, and a working version of virtualenv, preferably one that uses pip as opposed to easy_install. Decide where you want to put the project, and create a new environment there:

$ cd /path/to/your/workspace
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages altdeath

You then need to create a few more directories:

$ mkdir altdeath/db altdeath/uploads

Once that's done, you can clone the project, activate the virtualenv, and install the necessary requirements:

$ hg clone altdeath/altdeath
$ source altdeath/bin/activate
$ cd altdeath/altdeath
$ pip install -r REQUIREMENTS

If you like, you can also install django-debug-toolbar and it will be detected and loaded automatically. In any case, once you've gotten to this point, you can use to syncdb and then runserver just like any other Django project.

$ ./ syncdb
$ ./ runserver

If you would rather use, please note that you need to make sure that the python path is correct and that the correct settings are being loaded.

Please note that setting the site up like this is very insecure, and you really should know what you're doing and take a good look at the source if you're planning on setting up the site "for real".