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The default branch has multiple heads

1.3.3 (20110205)


  • circuits.core.workers: Add import of cpu_count/cpuCount as cpus from the respective multiprocessing/processing modules
  • circuits.web.app: Two apps newly added. WebConsole and MemoryMonitor See: http://codepad.org/iQwBgfdM for an example
  • circuits.core.debugger: If the Debugger isn't logging to a file or logger (we're logging to sys.stderr) it's useful to restrict the output for common terminal widths of 80.
    • circuits.core.debugger: Make chopping long lines when logging to sys.stderr optional with kwarg chop (Default: False).
  • circuits.web.errors: Make traceback available on the HTTPError Event Object as self.traceback

Bug Fixes

  • circuits.web.main: Only start multiple processes if multiprocessing is actually available
  • circuits.core.pollers: Ignore IOError of EINTR (4)
  • circuits.app: Fixed a bug with loading a Logger instance and loading the Config instance (``circuits.app needs`` to be refactored)


  • examples/web/jsonserializer.py: New example showing how to build a simple request filter that intercepts the return values of request handlers before they get added to the response body
  • examples/web/filtering.py: Fixed example

1.3.2 (20110201)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several Python 2.5 incompatibilities.
  • circuits.web.wsgi: Fixed a bug with writing to the request.body. (Forgot to rewing the StringIO instnace after writing to it)

1.3.1 (20110131)


  • Fixed documentation generation


  • circuits.core.manager: Deprecated the use of the sleep parameter/argument in Manager.start(...) and Manager.run(...) in favor of sleeping for the specified circuits.core.manager.TIMEOUT when/iif there are no tick functions to process (eg: Timer, pollers, etc)

    -- If aftering processing Tick Functions there are no resulting

    events to process then a sleep will occur for circuits.core.TIMEOUT seconds.

  • circuits.core.Manager: Call self.stop right at the end of normal termination for script-like systems (eg: examples/cat.py)

  • circuits.core.Manager: If a KeyboardInterrupt or SystemExit exception is raised during a Tick Function, then re-raise it.

Bug Fixes

  • circuits.web.http: Fixed a bug with HTTP streaming
  • circuits.io: Fixed exceptions not being caught during shutdown
  • tests.core.test_bridge: Fixed and passing again :)
  • circuits.web.wsgi: Fixed a bug discovered when trying to deploy a circuits.web WSGI Application using the uwsgi server. In the case of an empty request body from the client being passed thorugh uwsgi to circuits.web - No Content-Length would be provided, but also any attempt to read from wsgi.input would block causing uwsgi to timeout