circuits / README

circuits is a **Lightweight** **Event** driven and **Asynchronous**
**Application Framework** for the
`Python Programming Language <>`_ with a
strong **Component** Architecture. circuits also includes a lightweight,
high performance and scalable HTTP/WSGI web server
(*with some similar features to* `CherryPy <>`_)
as well as various I/O and Networking components.

circuits has a clean architecture and has no required external dependencies.
It has a small footprint and delivers a powerful set of features for building
large, scalable, maintainable applications and systems. circuits comes with a
suite of standard components that can be quickly utilized to create
applications from a simple tool to a complex distributed web application. 

circuits was created by and is primarily maintained by
`James Mills <>`_


1) `Development Repository <>`_

2) `Development Snapshot (tip) <>`_