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Hissy is a bot used to pipe chat and other messages between an IRC channel and a Skulltag server.

Fair Warning

This bot is super-rough, hasn't been maintained in over a year, and was never really intended for distribution. If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

How to Install

You obviously need a recent version of Python and Skulltag. You also need Twisted, if you don't have it already install it from your package manager of choice or simply use pip on the REQUIREMENTS file in a virtualenv. Other than that, you only really need the one file. Put it wherever you like.

How to Use

Run followed by the skulltag-server invocation of your preference.

Other Notes

If you want to have colored text, make sure sv_colorstripmethod is set to 1 in your Skulltag server configuration. This enables characters that are invisible to standard terminals and are not put in logfiles but can be parsed by the bot.

Recent activity

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