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Made preview work also with django-cms 2.1.

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 directory somewhere on your Python path, or symlink to it from somewhere on
 your Python path; this is useful if your working from a Mercurial checkout.
+If you want preview functionality in admin to work you have to add something
+    (r'^admin/cms/plugin/markup/', include('cmsplugin_markup.urls')),
+to the very beginning of your ````.
 Note that this application requires Python2.3 or later, and a functional
 installation of Django 1.` or newer as well as a functional install of 
 Django-CMS 2.` Final or newer. Each of the markup plugins also have their own 


     def get_plugin_urls(self):
         from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, url
-        urls = super(MarkupPlugin, self).get_plugin_urls()
+        # If django-cms has get_plugin_urls feature or not
+        urls = getattr(super(MarkupPlugin, self), 'get_plugin_urls', lambda: [])()
         preview_urls = patterns('',
-            url(r'^preview/$',, name='markup_preview'),
+            url(r'^preview/$',, name='cmsplugin_markup_preview'),
         return preview_urls + urls


     var preview = $(this);
     $('#id_body').autoPreview(auto_preview_url, {
         'markup': $('#id_markup').val(),
-		'plugin_id': plugin_id
+        'plugin_id': plugin_id
       function (textarea, text, data) {


 <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ CMS_MEDIA_URL }}js/csrf.js"></script>
 <script type="text/javascript">
 /* <![CDATA[ */
-var plugin_id = '{{ object_id|escapejs }}';
-var auto_preview_timeout = 2.0;{% url admin:markup_preview as auto_preview_url %}
+var plugin_id = '{{|escapejs }}';
+var auto_preview_timeout = 2.0;{% url cmsplugin_markup_preview as auto_preview_url %}
 var auto_preview_url = '{{ auto_preview_url|escapejs }}';
 /* ]]> */


+from cmsplugin_markup.cms_plugins import MarkupPlugin
+urlpatterns = MarkupPlugin().get_plugin_urls()
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