1. Sasha Milovanov
  2. cmsplugin-markup


cmsplugin-markup / INSTALL

Thanks for downloading cmsplugin-markup.

To install it, run the following command inside this directory:

    python setup.py install

If you have the Python ``easy_install`` utility available, you can also type 
the following to download and install in one step::

    easy_install cmsplugin-markup

Or if you're using ``pip``::

    pip install cmsplugin-markup

Or if you'd prefer you can simply place the included ``cmsplugin_markup`` 
directory somewhere on your Python path, or symlink to it from somewhere on
your Python path; this is useful if your working from a Mercurial checkout.

If you want preview functionality in admin to work you have to add something

    (r'^admin/cms/plugin/markup/', include('cmsplugin_markup.urls')),

to the very beginning of your ``urls.py``.

Note that this application requires Python2.3 or later, and a functional
installation of Django 1.` or newer as well as a functional install of 
Django-CMS 2.` Final or newer. Each of the markup plugins also have their own 

The Markdown Backend requires the Python Markdown Library
The Textile Backend requires the Python Textile Library
The ReST Backend requires the Python Docutils Library