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+syntax: glob
+syntax: regexp
+Copyright (c) Shaun Sephton
+All rights reserved.
+Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
+modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
+    * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
+      notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
+    * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
+      notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
+      documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
+    * Neither the name of Shaun Sephton nor the
+      names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products
+      derived from this software without specific prior written permission.
+include LICENSE
+include README.rst
+Django CKEditor
+**Django admin CKEditor integration.**
+Provides a ``RichTextField`` and ``CKEditorWidget`` utilizing CKEditor with image upload and browsing support included.
+#. Install or add django-ckeditor to your python path.
+#. Add ``ckeditor`` to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
+#. Copy the ``media/ckeditor`` directory into any directory within your media root. You can override the location in your settings (see below).
+#. Add a CKEDITOR_MEDIA_PREFIX setting to the project's ```` file. This setting specifies a URL prefix to the ckeditor JS and CSS media (not uploaded media). Make sure to use a trailing slash::
+    CKEDITOR_MEDIA_PREFIX = "/media/ckeditor/"
+#. Add a CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PATH setting to the project's ```` file. This setting specifies an absolute path to your ckeditor media upload directory. Make sure you have write permissions for the path, i.e.::
+    CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PATH = "/home/media/"
+#. Add ckeditor url include to the project's ```` file::
+    (r'^ckeditor/', include('ckeditor.urls')),    
+#. Optionally, add a CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PREFIX setting to the project's ```` file. This setting specifies a URL prefix to media uploaded through ckeditor, i.e.::
+(If CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PREFIX is not provided, the media URL will fall back to MEDIA_URL with the difference of MEDIA_ROOT and CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PATH appended.)
+The quickest way to add rich text editing capabilities to your models is to use the included ``RichTextField`` model field type. A CKEditor widget is rendered as the form field but in all other regards the field behaves as the standard Django ``TextField``. For example::
+    from django.db import models
+    from ckeditor.fields import RichTextField
+    class Post(models.Model):
+        content = RichTextField()
+Alernatively you can use the included ``CKEditorWidget`` as the widget for a formfield. For example::
+    from django import forms
+    from django.contrib import admin
+    from ckeditor.widgets import CKEditorWidget
+    from post.models import Post
+    class PostAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
+        content = forms.CharField(widget=CKEditorWidget())
+        class Meta:
+            model = Post
+    class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
+        form = PostAdminForm
+, PostAdmin)
+#. Added CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PREFIX setting. Thanks to chr15m for the input.
+#. Included README.rst in manifest.

File ckeditor/

Empty file added.

File ckeditor/

+from django.db import models
+from django import forms
+from ckeditor.widgets import CKEditorWidget
+class RichTextField(models.TextField):
+    def formfield(self, **kwargs):
+        defaults = {
+            'form_class': RichTextFormField,
+            'widget': CKEditorWidget,
+        }
+        defaults.update(kwargs)
+        return super(RichTextField, self).formfield(**defaults)
+class RichTextFormField(forms.fields.Field):
+    widget = CKEditorWidget
+    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
+        kwargs.update({'widget': CKEditorWidget})
+        super(RichTextFormField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

File ckeditor/media/ckeditor/.htaccess

+# Copyright (c) 2003-2010, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
+# For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
+# On some specific Linux installations you could face problems with Firefox.
+# It could give you errors when loading the editor saying that some illegal
+# characters were found (three strange chars in the beginning of the file).
+# This could happen if you map the .js or .css files to PHP, for example.
+# Those characters are the Byte Order Mask (BOM) of the Unicode encoded files.
+# All FCKeditor files are Unicode encoded.
+AddType application/x-javascript .js
+AddType text/css .css
+# If PHP is mapped to handle XML files, you could have some issues. The
+# following will disable it.
+AddType text/xml .xml

File ckeditor/media/ckeditor/ckeditor/.htaccess

+# Copyright (c) 2003-2010, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
+# For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
+# On some specific Linux installations you could face problems with Firefox.
+# It could give you errors when loading the editor saying that some illegal
+# characters were found (three strange chars in the beginning of the file).
+# This could happen if you map the .js or .css files to PHP, for example.
+# Those characters are the Byte Order Mask (BOM) of the Unicode encoded files.
+# All FCKeditor files are Unicode encoded.
+AddType application/x-javascript .js
+AddType text/css .css
+# If PHP is mapped to handle XML files, you could have some issues. The
+# following will disable it.
+AddType text/xml .xml

File ckeditor/media/ckeditor/ckeditor/CHANGES.html

+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
+Copyright (c) 2003-2010, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
+For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
+<html xmlns="">
+	<title>Changelog - CKEditor</title>
+	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
+	<style type="text/css">
+#footer hr
+	margin: 10px 0 15px 0;
+	height: 1px;
+	border: solid 1px gray;
+	border-bottom: none;
+#footer p
+	margin: 0 10px 10px 10px;
+	float: left;
+#footer #copy
+	float: right;
+	</style>
+	<h1>
+		CKEditor Changelog
+	</h1>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.3</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#635</a> : The properties dialog will now open when double clicking on objects.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3893</a> : It's now possible to indent/outdent lists when selecting the first list item.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4968</a> : The <a href="">contentsLangDirection</a> setting now has a default value 'ui' which inherit language direction from the editor UI language.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4649</a> : The color picker dialog is now accessible.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3593</a> : The editing area is now enabled by contentEditable="true" instead of designMode="on" to allow creating uneditable content elements in all browsers.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4056</a> : Hidden fields will now be displayed as fake element just like in FCKeditor 2.</li>
+	</ul>
+		CKEditor 3.2.2</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li>The SCAYT spell checker is now enabled by default through the <a href="">autoStartup</a> setting.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5631</a> : The SCAYT context menu options can now be reorganized through the <a href="">scayt_contextMenuItemsOrder</a> setting.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4231</a> : Introducing the <a href="">resize_dir setting</a>, to be able to restrict manual resizing of the editor to only one direction (horizontal/vertical).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5479</a> : Introducing the classic ASP integration files and samples.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5024</a> : Added samples (<a href="">HTML</a> and <a href="">XHTML</a>) to show how to output HTML using fonts and other attributes instead of styles.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4358</a> : Introduced the List Properties dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5485</a> : Adding the <a href="">contentsLanguage</a> configuration option to be able to set the language for the editor contents.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#5330</a> : Corrected detection of CTRL and META keys in Macs for the context menu.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5434</a> : Fixed access denied issues with IE when accessing web sites through IPv6 IP addresses.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4476</a> : [IE] Inaccessible empty list item contains sub list.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4881</a> : [IE] Selection range broken because of cutting a single control type element from it.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5505</a> : Image dialog throw JavaScript error when click close dialog before preview area is loading.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5144</a> : [Chrome] Paste in Webkit sometimes leaves extra 'div' element.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5021</a> : [Firefox] Typing in empty document start from second line when <a href="">enterMode</a> = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5416</a> : [IE] Delete table throws a error when <a href="">enterMode</a> = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4459</a> : [IE] Select element is penetrating the maximized editor in IE6.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5559</a> : [IE] The first call to <a href="">setData</a> is affected by iframe cache when loading the wysiwyg mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5567</a> : [IE] Remove inline styles in some case doesn't join identical siblings.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5450</a> : [FireFox] Press ENTER on 'replace' button result wrong.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5121</a> : Recognizes the &lt;br /&gt; tag as a separator when apply block styles and <a href="">enterMode</a> = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5575</a> : <a href="">CKEDITOR.replaceAll</a> should consider all kind of white spaces between class names.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5582</a> : Prevent the default behavior when click the 'x' button to close dialog box.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5584</a> : ENTER key with <a href="">forceEnterMode</a> turns on doesn't inherit current block attributes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4797</a> : [Opera] Press ENTER key in dialog fields to close throws JavaScript error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5578</a> : Add flash fake element align property when switch mode (source to wysiwyg).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5577</a> : Update delete column behavior when choose multiple cells in the same column.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5512</a> : Open context menu with SHIFT+F10 doesn't get correct editor selection.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5433</a> : English protocol text directions in Link dialog are not incorrect in 'rtl' UI languages.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5553</a> : Paste dialog clipboard area text direction is incorrect for 'rtl' content languages.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4734</a> : Font size resets when font name is changed in an empty numbered list.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5237</a> : English text in dialogs' title is flipped when using RTL language.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3257</a> : Create list doesn't keep blocks as headings.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5111</a> : [Firefox] JAWS doesn't respect PC cursor mode (application role) on toolbar.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5530</a> : Page break for printing can't be removed with undo.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5381</a> : Unable to place cursor between two paragraphs in body.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5568</a> : [IE6/7] Selecting a entire table cell changes the original range.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5623</a> : [Firefox] Apply style that edges another inline style result incorrect.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5586</a> : [Firefox] Maximize the second editor ruins full screen mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5617</a> : HTML filter system does not allow two 'text' filter rules.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5663</a> : General memory clean up after destroying last instance.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5461</a> : [IE] Fix Paste from Word dialog doesn't accept imput problem.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5676</a> : Make color buttons use RRGGBB instead of RGB for better compatibility with IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4948</a> : [Safari] Select the first/last cell of table to open context menu may lead to undetected table.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5591</a> : [Firefox] Select a list item makes selected element broken.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5667</a> : Pasting in a RTL page content causes shows up the horizontal scrollbar.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5688</a> : Duplicate ids are used in dialog definition.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5719</a> : [IE] 'change' dialog event should not be triggered when dialog is already closed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5747</a> : [IE] Error thrown when IE input field editing mode is turned on.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5516</a> : IE8: Toolbar buttons have higher bottom padding.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5402</a> : SHIFT-ENTER could now be used to exit from preformat block.</li>
+		<li>SCAYT plugin related:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#4836</a> : Using SCAYT result in fragile elements when applying inline styles.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5425</a> : [Opera] Disable SCAYT plugin for Opera browser.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5632</a> : SCAYT word marker is not visible on text with background-color set.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4125</a> : Remove Format command incorrectly removes SCAYT word markers.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5671</a> : SCAYT bootstrap script could be added multiple times unnecessarily.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5573</a> : SCAYT move cursor position after insert element into marked word text.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5546</a> : SCAYT interferes with undo/redo commands.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5570</a> : [IE] First enabling SCAYT blind cursor in editor.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5741</a> : Enable SCAYT cause error in multiple editor instances.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5744</a> : Remove editor with SCAYT enabled in source mode throws error.</li>
+		</ul></li>
+		<li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#5432</a> : Dutch;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5619</a> : Finnish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5515</a> : Hebrew;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5588</a> : Turkish;</li>
+		</ul></li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.2.1</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4478</a> : Enable the SelectAll command in source mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5150</a> : Allow names in the CKEDITOR.config.colorButton_colors setting.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4810</a> : Adding configuration option for image dialog preview area filling text.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#536</a> : Object style now could be applied on any parent element of current selection.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5290</a> : Unified stylesSet loading removing dependencies from the styles combo.
+					Now the configuration entry is named 'config.stylesSet' instead of config.stylesCombo_stylesSet and the default location
+					is under the 'styles' plugin instead of 'stylescombo'.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5352</a> : Allow to define the stylesSet array in the config object for the editor.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5302</a> : Adding config option "forceEnterMode".</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5216</a> : Extend CKEDITOR.appendTo to allow a data parameter for the initial value.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5024</a> : Added sample to show how to output XHTML and avoid deprecated tags.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#5152</a> : Indentation using class attribute doesn't work properly.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4682</a> : It wasn't possible to edit block elements in IE that had styles like width, height or float.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4750</a> : Correcting default order of buttons layout in dialogs on Mac.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4932</a> : Fixed collapse button not clickable on simple toolbar.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5228</a> : Link dialog is automatically changes protocol when URLs that starts with '?'.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4877</a> : Fixed CKEditor displays source code in one long line (IE quirks mode + office2003 skin).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5132</a> : Apply inline style leaks into sibling words which are seperated spaces.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3599</a> : Background color style on sized text displayed as narrow band behind.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4661</a> : Translation missing in link dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5240</a> : Flash alignment property is not presented visually on fake element.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4910</a> : Pasting in IE scrolls document to the end.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5041</a> : Table summary attribute can't be removed with dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5124</a> : All inline styles cannot be applied on empty spaces.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3570</a> : SCAYT marker shouldn't appear inside elements path bar.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4553</a> : Dirty check result incorrect when editor document is empty.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4555</a> : Unreleased memory when editor is created and destroyed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5118</a> : Arrow keys navigation in RTL languages is incorrect.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4721</a> : Remove attribute 'value' of checkbox in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5278</a> : IE: Add validation to check for bad window names of popup window.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5171</a> : Dialogs contains lists don't have proper voice labels.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4791</a> : Can't place cursor inside a form that end with a checkbox/radio.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4479</a> : StylesCombo doesn't reflect the selection state until it's first opened.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4717</a> : 'Unlink' and 'Outdent' command buttons should be disabled on editor startup.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5119</a> : Disabled command buttons are not being properly styled when focused.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5307</a> : Hide dialog page cause problem when there's two tab pages remain.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5343</a> : Active list item ARIA role is wrongly placed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3599</a> : Background color style applying to text with font size style has been narrowly rendered.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4711</a> : Line break character inside preformatted text makes it unable to type text at the end of previous line.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4829</a> : [IE] Apply style from combo has wrong result on manually created selection.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4830</a> : Retrieving selected element isn't always right, especially selecting using keyboard (SHIFT+ARROW).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5128</a> : Element attribute inside preformatted text is corrupted when converting to other blocks.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5190</a> : Template list entry shouldn't gain initial focus open templates list dialog opens.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5238</a> : Menu button doesn't display arrow icon in high-contrast mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3576</a> : Non-attributed element of the same name with the applied style is incorrectly removed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5221</a> : Insert table into empty document cause JavaScript error thrown.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5242</a> : Apply 'automatic' color option of text color incorrectly removes background-color style.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4719</a> : IE does not escape attribute values properly.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5170</a> : Firefox does not insert text into styled element properly.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4026</a> : Office2003 skin has no toolbar button borders in High Contrast in IE7.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4348</a> : There should have exception thrown when 'CKEDITOR_BASEPATH' couldn't be figured out automatically.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5364</a> : Focus may not be put into dialog correctly when dialog skin file is loading slow.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4016</a> : Justify the layout of forms select dialog in Chrome and IE7.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5373</a> : Variable 'pathBlockElements' defines wrong items in CKEDITOR.dom.elementPath.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5082</a> : Ctrl key should be described as Cmd key on Mac.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5182</a> : Context menu is not been announced correctly by ATs.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4898</a> : Can't navigate outside table under the last paragraph of document.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4950</a> : List commands could compromise list item attribute and styles.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5018</a> : Find result highlighting remove normal font color styles unintentionally.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5376</a> : Unable to exit list from within a empty block under list item.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5145</a> : Various SCAYT fixes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5319</a> : Match whole word doesn't work anymore after replacement has happened.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5363</a> : 'title' attribute now presents on all editor iframes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5374</a> : Unable to toggle inline style when the selection starts at the linefeed of the previous paragraph.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4513</a> : Selected link element is not always correctly detected when using keyboard arrows to perform such selection.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5372</a> : Newly created sub list should inherit nothing from the original (parent) list, except the list type.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5274</a> : [IE6] Templates preview image is displayed in wrong size.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5292</a> : Preview in font size and family doesn't work with custom styles.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5396</a> : Selection is lost when use cell properties dialog to change cell type to header.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4082</a> : [IE+Quirks] Preview text in the image dialog is not wrapping.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4197</a> : Fixing format combo don't hide when editor blur on Safari.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5401</a> : The context menu break layout with Office2003 and V2 skin on IE quirks mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4825</a> : Fixing browser context menu is opened when clicking right mouse button twice.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5356</a> : The SCAYT dialog had issues with Prototype enabled pages.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5266</a> : SCAYT was disturbing the rendering of TH elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4688</a> : SCAYT was interfering on checkDirty.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5429</a> : High Contrast mode was being mistakenly detected when loading the editor through Dojo's xhrGet.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5221</a> : Range is mangled when making collapsed selection in an empty paragraph.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5261</a> : Config option 'scayt_autoStartup' slow down editor loading.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3846</a> : Google Chrome - No Img properties after inserting.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5465</a> : ShiftEnter=DIV doesn't respect list item when pressing ENTER at end of list item.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5454</a> : After replaced success, the popup window couldn't be closed and a js error occured.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4784</a> : Incorrect cursor position after delete table cells.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5149</a> : [FF] Cursor disappears after maximize when the editor has focus.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5220</a> : DTD now shows tolerance to &lt;style&gt; appear inside content.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5440</a> : Mobile browsers (iPhone, Android...) are marked as incompatible as they don't support editing features.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5504</a> : [IE6/7] 'Paste' dialog will always get opened even when user allows the clipboard access dialog when using 'Paste' button.</li>
+		<li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#5326</a> : Catalan;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5370</a> : Faroese;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5392</a> : Finnish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4580</a> : Hungarian;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5301</a> : Norwegian;</li>
+		</ul></li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.2</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li>Several accessibility enhancements:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#4502</a> : The editor accessibility is now totally based on <a href="">WAI-ARIA</a>.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5015</a> : Adding accessibility help dialog plugin.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5014</a> : Keyboard navigation compliance with screen reader suggested keys.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4595</a> : Better accessibility in the Templates dialog.</li>
+			<li><a href="">#3389</a> : Esc/Arrow Key now works for closing sub menu.</li>
+		</ul></li>
+		<li><a href="">#4973</a> : The Style field in the Div Container dialog is now loading the styles defined in the default styleset used by the Styles toolbar combo.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#5049</a> : Form Field list command in JAWS incorrectly lists extra fields.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5008</a> : Lock/Unlock ratio buttons in the Image dialog was poorly designed in High Contrast mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3980</a> : All labels in dialogs now use &lt;label&gt; instead of &lt;div&gt;.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5213</a> : Reorganization of some entries in the language files to make it more consistent.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5199</a> : In IE, single row toolbars didn't have the bottom padding.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.1.1</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4399</a> : Improved support for external file browsers by allowing executing a callback function.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4612</a> : The text of links is now updated if it matches the URL to which it points to.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4936</a> : New localization support for the Welsh language.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4272</a> : Kama skin toolbar was broken in IE+Quirks+RTL.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4987</a> : Changed the url which is called by the Browser Server button in the Link tab of Image Properties dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5030</a> : The CKEDITOR.timestamp wasn't been appended to the skin.js file.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4993</a> : Removed the float style from images when the user selects 'not set' for alignment.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4944</a> : Fixed a bug where nested list structures with inconsequent levels were not being pasted correctly from MS Word.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4637</a> : Table cells' 'nowrap' attribute was not being loaded by the cell property dialog. Thanks to pomu0325.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4724</a> : Using the mouse to insert a link in IE might create incorrect results.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4640</a> : Small optimizations for the fileBrowser plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4583</a> : The "Target Frame Name" field is now visible when target is set to 'frame' only.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4863</a> : Fixing iframedialog's height doesn't stretch to 100% (except IE Quirks).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4964</a> : The BACKSPACE key positioning was not correct in some cases with Firefox.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4980</a> : Setting border, vspace and hspace of images to zero was not working.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4773</a> : The fileBrowser plugin was overwriting onClick functions eventually defined on fileButton elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4731</a> : The clipboard plugin was missing a reference to the dialog plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5051</a> : The about plugin was missing a reference to the dialog plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5146</a> : The wsc plugin was missing a reference to the dialog plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4632</a> : The print command will now properly break on the insertion point of page break for printing.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4862</a> : The English (United Kingdom) language file has been renamed to en-gb.js.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4618</a> : Selecting an emoticon or the lock and reset buttons in the image dialog fired the onBeforeUnload event in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4678</a> : It was not possible to set tables' width to empty value.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5012</a> : Fixed dependency issues with the menu plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5040</a> : The editor will not properly ignore font related settings that have extra item separators (semi-colons).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4046</a> : Justify should respect config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4622</a> : Inserting tables multiple times was corrupting the undo system.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4647</a> : [IE] Selection on an element within positioned container is lost after open context-menu then click one menu item.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4683</a> : Double-quote character in attribute values was not escaped in the editor output.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4762</a> : [IE] Unexpected vertical-scrolling behavior happens whenever focus is moving out of editor in source mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4772</a> : Text color was not being applied properly on links.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4795</a> : [IE] Press 'Del' key on horizontal line or table result in error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4824</a> : [IE] &lt;br/&gt; at the very first table cell breaks the editor selection.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4851</a> : [IE] Delete table rows with context-menu may cause error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4951</a> : Replacing text with empty string was throwing errors.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4963</a> : Link dialog was not opening properly for e-mail type links.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5043</a> : Removed the possibility of having an unwanted script tag being outputted with the editor contents.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3678</a> : There were issues when editing links inside floating divs with IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4763</a> : Pressing ENTER key with text selected was not deleting the text in some situations.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5096</a> : Simple ampersand attribute value doesn't work for more than one occurrence.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3494</a> : Context menu is too narrow in some translations.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5005</a> : Fixed HTML errors in PHP samples.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5123</a> : Fixed broken XHTML in User Interface Languages sample.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4893</a> : Editor now understands table cell inline styles.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4611</a> : Selection around &lt;select&gt; in editor doesn't cause error anymore.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4886</a> : Extra BR tags were being created in the output HTML.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4933</a> : Empty tags with BR were being left in the DOM.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5127</a> : There were errors when removing dialog definition pages through code.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4767</a> : CKEditor was not working when ckeditor_source.js is loaded in the &lt;body&gt; .</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5062</a> : Avoided security warning message when loading the wysiwyg area in IE6 under HTTPS.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5135</a> : The TAB key will now behave properly when in Source mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4988</a> : It wasn't possible to use forcePasteAsPlainText with Safari on Mac.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5095</a> : Safari on Mac deleted the current selection in the editor when Edit menu was clicked.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5140</a> : In High Contrast mode, arrows were now been displayed for menus with submenus.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5163</a> : The undo system was not working on some specific cases.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#5162</a> : The ajax sample was throwing errors when loading data.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4999</a> : The Template dialog was not generating an undo snapshot.</li>
+		<li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#5006</a> : Dutch;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5039</a> : Finnish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5148</a> : Hebrew;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5071</a> : Russian;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#5147</a> : Spanish;</li>
+		</ul></li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.1</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4067</a> : Introduced the full page editing support (from &lt;html&gt; to &lt;/html&gt;).</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4228</a> : Introduced the Shared Spaces feature.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4379</a> : Introduced the new powerful pasting system and word cleanup procedure, including enhancements to the paste as plain text feature.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#2872</a> : Introduced the new native PHP API, the first standardized server side support.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4210</a> : Added CKEditor plugin for jQuery.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#2885</a> : Added 'div' dialog and corresponding context menu options.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4574</a> : Added the table merging tools and corresponding context menu options.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4340</a> : Added the email protection option for link dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4463</a> : Added inline CSS support in all places where custom stylesheet could apply.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3881</a> : Added color dialog for 'more color' option in color buttons.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4341</a> : Added the 'showborder' plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4549</a> : Make the anti-cache query string configurable.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4708</a> : Added the 'htmlEncodeOutput' config option.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4342</a> : Introduced the bodyId and bodyClass settings to specify the id and class. to be used in the editing area at runtime.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3401</a> : Introduced the baseHref setting so it's possible to set the URL to be used to resolve absolute and relative URLs in the contents.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4729</a> : Added support to fake elements for comments.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4707</a> : Fixed invalid link is requested in image preview.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4461</a> : Fixed toolbar separator line along side combo enlarging the toolbar height.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4596</a> : Fixed image re-size lock buttons aren't accessible in high-contrast mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4676</a> : Fixed editing tables using table properties dialog overwrites original style values.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4714</a> : Fixed IE6 JavaScript error when editing flash by commit 'Flash' dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3905</a> : Fixed 'wysiwyg' mode causes unauthenticated content warnings over SSL in FF 3.5.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4768</a> : Fixed open context menu in IE throws js error when focus is not inside document.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4822</a> : Fixed applying 'Headers' to existing table does not work in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4855</a> : Fixed toolbar doesn't wrap well for 'v2' skin in all browsers.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4882</a> : Fixed auto detect paste from MS-Word is not working for Safari.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4882</a> : Fixed unexpected margin style left behind on content cleaning up from MS-Word.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4896</a> : Fixed paste nested list from MS-Word with measurement units set to cm is broken.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4899</a> : Fixed unable to undo pre-formatted style.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4900</a> : Fixed ratio-lock inconsistent between browsers.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4901</a> : Fixed unable to edit any link with popup window's features in Firefox.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4904</a> : Fixed when paste happen from dialog, it always throw JavaScript error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4905</a> : Fixed paste plain text result incorrect when content from dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4889</a> : Fixed unable to undo 'New Page' command after typing inside editor.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4892</a> : Fixed table alignment style is not properly represented by the wrapping div.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4918</a> : Fixed switching mode when maximized is showing background page contents.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.0.2</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4343</a> : Added the configuration option &#39;browserContextMenuOnCtrl&#39; so it&#39;s possible to enable the default browser context menu by holding the CTRL key.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4552</a> : Fixed float panel doesn't show up since editor instanced been destroyed once.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3918</a> : Fixed fake object is editable with Image dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4053</a> : Fixed 'Form Properties' missing from context menu when selection collapsed inside form.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4401</a> : Fixed customized by removing 'upload' tab page from 'Link dialog' cause JavaScript error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4477</a> : Adding missing tag names in object style elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4567</a> : Fixed IE throw error when pressing BACKSPACE in source mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4573</a> : Fixed 'IgnoreEmptyPargraph' config doesn't work with the config 'entities' is set to 'false'.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4614</a> : Fixed attribute protection fails because of line-break.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4546</a> : Fixed UIColor plugin doesn't work when editor id contains CSS selector preserved keywords.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4609</a> : Fixed flash object is lost when loading data from outside editor.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4625</a> : Fixed editor stays visible in a div with style 'visibility:hidden'.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4621</a> : Fixed clicking below table caused an empty table been generated.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3373</a> : Fixed empty context menu when there's no menu item at all.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4473</a> : Fixed setting rules on the same element tag name throws error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4514</a> : Fixed press 'Back' button breaks wysiwyg editing mode is Firefox.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4542</a> : Fixed unable to access buttons using tab key in Safari and Opera.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4577</a> : Fixed relative link url is broken after opening 'Link' dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4597</a> : Fixed custom style with same attribute name but different attribute value doesn't work.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4651</a> : Fixed 'Deleted' and 'Inserted' text style is not rendering in wysiwyg mode and is wrong is source mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4654</a> : Fixed 'CKEDITOR.config.font_defaultLabel(fontSize_defaultLabel)' is not working.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3950</a> : Fixed table column insertion incorrect when selecting empty cell area.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3912</a> : Fixed UIColor not working in IE when page has more than 30+ editors.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4031</a> : Fixed mouse cursor on toolbar combo has more than 3 shapes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4041</a> : Fixed open context menu on multiple cells to remove them result in only one removed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4185</a> : Fixed resize handler effect doesn't affect flash object on output.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4196</a> : Fixed 'Remove Numbered/Bulleted List' on nested list doesn't work well on nested list.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4200</a> : Fixed unable to insert 'password' type filed with attributes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4530</a> : Fixed context menu couldn't open in Opera.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4536</a> : Fixed keyboard navigation doesn't work at all in IE quirks mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4584</a> : Fixed updated link Target field is not updating when updating to certain values.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4603</a> : Fixed unable to disable submenu items in contextmenu.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4672</a> : Fixed unable to redo the insertion of horizontal line.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4677</a> : Fixed 'Tab' key is trapped by hidden dialog elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4073</a> : Fixed insert template with replace option could result in empty document.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4455</a> : Fixed unable to start editing when image inside document not loaded.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4517</a> : Fixed 'dialog_backgroundCoverColor' doesn't work on IE6.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3165</a> : Fixed enter key in empty list item before nested one result in collapsed line.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4527</a> : Fixed checkbox generate invalid 'checked' attribute.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#1659</a> : Fixed unable to click below content to start editing in IE with 'config.docType' setting to standard compliant.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3933</a> : Fixed extra &lt;br&gt; left at the end of document when the last element is a table.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4736</a> : Fixed PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys in standards mode are not working.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4725</a> : Fixed hitting 'enter' before html comment node produces a JavaScript error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4522</a> : Fixed unable to redo when typing after insert an image with relative url.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4594</a> : Fixed context menu goes off-screen when mouse is at right had side of screen.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4673</a> : Fixed undo not available straight away if shift key is used to enter first character.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4690</a> : Fixed the parsing of nested inline elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4450</a> : Fixed selecting multiple table cells before apply justify commands generates spurious paragraph in Firefox.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4733</a> : Fixed dialog opening sometimes hang up Firefox and Safari.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4498</a> : Fixed toolbar collapse button missing tooltip.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4738</a> : Fixed inserting table inside bold/italic/underline generates error on ENTER_BR mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4246</a> : Fixed avoid XHTML deprecated attributes for image styling.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4543</a> : Fixed unable to move cursor between table and hr.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4764</a> : Fixed wrong exception message when CKEDITOR.editor.append() to non-existing elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4521</a> : Fixed dialog layout in IE6/7 may have scroll-bar and other weird effects.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4709</a> : Fixed inconsistent scroll-bar behavior on IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4776</a> : Fixed preview page failed to open when relative URl contains in document.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4812</a> : Fixed 'Esc' key not working on dialogs in Opera.</li>
+		<li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#4346</a> : Dutch;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4837</a> : Finnish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4371</a> : Hebrew;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4607</a> <a href="">#4713</a> : Japanese;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4660</a> : Norwegian.</li>
+		</ul></li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.0.1</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#4219</a> : Added fallback mechanism for config.language.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4194</a> : Added support for using multiple css style sheets within the editor.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#3898</a> : Added validation for URL value in Image dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3528</a> : Fixed Context Menu issue when triggered using Shift+F10.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4028</a> : Maximize control's tool tip was wrong once it is maximized.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4237</a> : Toolbar is chopped off in Safari browser 3.x.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4241</a> : Float panels are left on screen while editor is destroyed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4274</a> : Double click event is incorrect handled in 'divreplace' sample.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4354</a> : Fixed TAB key on toolbar to not focus disabled buttons.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3856</a> : Fixed focus and blur events in source view mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3438</a> : Floating panels are off by (-1px, 0px) in RTL mode.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3370</a> : Refactored use of CKEDITOR.env.isCustomDomain().</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4230</a> : HC detection caused js error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3978</a> : Fixed setStyle float on IE7 strict.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4262</a> : Tab and Shift+Tab was not working to cycle through CTRL+SHIFT+F10 context menu in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3633</a> : Default context menu isn't disabled in toolbar, status bar, panels...</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3897</a> : Now there is no image previews when the URL is empty in image dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4048</a> : Context submenu was lacking uiColor.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3568</a> : Dialogs now select all text when tabbing to text inputs.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3727</a> : Cell Properties dialog was missing color selection option.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3517</a> : Fixed "Match cyclic" field in Find & Replace dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4368</a> : borderColor table cell attribute haven't worked for none-IE</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4203</a> : In IE quirks mode + toolbar collapsed + source mode editing block height was incorrect.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4387</a> : Fixed: right clicking in Kama skin can lead to a javascript error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4397</a> : Wysiwyg mode caused the host page scroll.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4385</a> : Fixed editor's auto adjusting on DOM structure were confusing the dirty checking mechanism.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4397</a> : Fixed regression of [3816] where turn on design mode was causing Firefox3 to scroll the host page.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4254</a> : Added basic API sample.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4107</a> : Normalize css font-family style text for correct comparision.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3664</a> : Insert block element in empty editor document should not create new paragraph.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4037</a> : 'id' attribute is missing with Flash dialog advanced page.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4047</a> : Delete selected control type element when 'Backspace' is pressed on it.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4191</a> : Fixed: dialog changes confirmation on image dialog appeared even when no changes have been made.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4351</a> : Dash and dot could appear in attribute names.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4355</a> : 'maximize' and 'showblock' commands shouldn't take editor focus.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4504</a> : Fixed 'Enter'/'Esc' key is not working on dialog button.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4245</a> : 'Strange Template' now come with a style attribute for width.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4512</a> : Fixed styles plugin incorrectly adding semicolons to style text.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3855</a> : Fixed loading unminified _source files when ckeditor_source.js is used.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3717</a> : Dialog settings defaults can now be overridden in-page through the CKEDITOR.config object.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4481</a> : The 'stylesCombo_stylesSet' configuration entry didn't work for full URLs.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4480</a> : Fixed scope attribute in th.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4467</a> : Fixed bug to use custom icon in context menus. Thanks to george.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4190</a> : Fixed select field dialog layout in Safari.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4518</a> : Fixed unable to open dialog without editor focus in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4519</a> : Fixed maximize without editor focus throw error in IE.</li>
+		<li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#3947</a> : Arabic;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4466</a> : Czech;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4363</a> : Danish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4346</a> : Dutch;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4371</a> <a href="">#4456</a> : Hebrew;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4382</a> : Polish.</li>
+		</ul></li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.0</h3>
+	<p>
+		New features:</p>
+	<ul>
+	<li><a href="">#3188</a> : Introduce
+		&lt;pre&gt; formatting feature when converting from other blocks.</li>
+	<li><a href="">#4445</a> : editor::setData now support an optional callback parameter.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<p>
+		Fixed issues:</p>
+	<ul>
+		<li><a href="">#2856</a> : Fixed problem with inches in Paste From Word plugin.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3929</a> : Using Paste dialog,
+			the text is pasted into current selection</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3920</a> : Mouse cursor over characters in
+			Special Character dialog now is correct</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3882</a> : Fixed an issue
+			with PasteFromWord dialog in which default values was ignored</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3859</a> : Fixed Flash dialog layout in Webkit</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3852</a> : Disabled textarea resizing in dialogs</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3831</a> : The attempt to remove the contextmenu plugin
+			will not anymore break the editor</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3781</a> : Colorbutton is now disabled in 'source' mode</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3848</a> : Fixed an issue with Webkit in witch
+			elements in the Image and Link dialogs had wrong dimensions.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3808</a> : Fixed UI Color Picker dialog size in example page.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3658</a> : Editor had horizontal scrollbar in IE6.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3819</a> : The cursor was not visible
+			when applying style to collapsed selections in Firefox 2.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3809</a> : Fixed beam cursor
+			when mouse cursor is over text-only buttons in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3815</a> : Fixed an issue
+			with the form dialog in which the "enctype" attribute is outputted as "encoding".</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3785</a> : Fixed an issue
+			in which incorrectly outputs &amp;nbsp; in IE8.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3820</a> : Fixed an issue in
+			bullet list command in which a list created at the bottom of another gets merged to the top.
+			</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3830</a> : Table cell properties dialog
+			doesn't apply to all selected cells.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3835</a> : Element path is not refreshed
+			after click on 'newpage'; and safari is not putting focus on document also.
+			</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3821</a> : Fixed an issue with JAWS in which
+			toolbar items are read inconsistently between virtual cursor modes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3789</a> : The &quot;src&quot; attribute
+			was getting duplicated in some situations.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3591</a> : Protecting flash related elements
+			including '&lt;object&gt;', '&lt;embed&gt;' and '&lt;param&gt;'.
+			</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3759</a> : Fixed CKEDITOR.dom.element::scrollIntoView
+			logic bug which scroll even element is inside viewport.
+			</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3773</a> : Fixed remove list will merge lines.
+			</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3829</a> : Fixed remove empty link on output data.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3730</a> : Indent is performing on the whole
+			block instead of selected lines in enterMode = BR.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3844</a> : Fixed UndoManager register keydown on obsoleted document</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3805</a> : Enabled SCAYT plugin for IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3834</a> : Context menu on table caption was incorrect.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3812</a> : Fixed an issue in which the editor
+			may show up empty or uneditable in IE7, 8 and Firefox 3.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3825</a> : Fixed JS error when opening spellingcheck.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3862</a> : Fixed html parser infinite loop on certain malformed
+			source code.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3639</a> : Button size was inconsistent.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3874</a> : Paste as plain text in Safari loosing lines.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3849</a> : Fixed IE8 crashes when applying lists and indenting.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3876</a> : Changed dialog checkbox and radio labels to explicit labels.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3843</a> : Fixed context submenu position in IE 6 & 7 RTL.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3864</a> : [FF]Document is not editable after inserting element on a fresh page.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3883</a> : Fixed removing inline style logic incorrect on Firefox2.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3884</a> : Empty "href" attribute was duplicated on output data.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3858</a> : Fixed the issue where toolbars
+			break up in IE6 and IE7 after the browser is resized.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3868</a> : [chrome] SCAYT toolbar options was in reversed order.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3875</a> : Fixed an issue in Safari where
+			table row/column/cell menus are not useable when table cells are selected.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3896</a> : The editing area was
+			flashing when switching forth and back to source view.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3894</a> : Fixed an issue where editor failed to initialize when using the on-demand loading way.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3903</a> : Color button plugin doesn't read config entry from editor instance correctly.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3801</a> : Comments at the start of the document was lost in IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3871</a> : Unable to redo when undos to the front of snapshots stack.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3909</a> : Move focus from editor into a text input control is broken.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3870</a> : The empty paragraph
+			desappears when hitting ENTER after &quot;New Page&quot;.</li>
+ 		<li><a href="">#3887</a> : Fixed an issue in which the create
+ 			list command may leak outside of a selected table cell and into the rest of document.</li>
+ 		<li><a href="">#3916</a> : Fixed maximize does not enlarge editor width when width is set.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3879</a> : [webkit] Color button panel had incorrect size on first open.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3839</a> : Update Scayt plugin to reflect the latest change from</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3742</a> : Fixed wrong dialog layout for dialogs without tab bar in IE RTL mode .</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3671</a> : Fixed body fixing should be applied to the real type under fake elements.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3836</a> : Fixed remove list in enterMode=BR will merge sibling text to one line.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3949</a> : Fixed enterKey within pre-formatted text introduce wrong line-break.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3878</a> : Whenever possible,
+		dialogs will not present scrollbars if the content is too big for its standard
+		size.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3782</a> : Remove empty list in table cell result in collapsed cell.</li>
+		<li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#4183</a> : Basque;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#3837</a> : Brazilian Portuguese;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4171</a> : Catalan;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4115</a> : Chinese (Simplified);</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4179</a> : Chinese (Traditional);</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4102</a> : Croatian;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4105</a> : French;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4104</a> : German;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4116</a> : Italian;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4091</a> : Japanese;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4120</a> : Polish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#3987</a> : Spanish;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4089</a> : Ukrainian;</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4166</a> : Vietnamese.</li>
+		</ul></li>
+		<li><a href="">#3984</a> : [IE]The pre-formatted style is generating error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3946</a> : Fixed unable to hide contextmenu.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3956</a> : Fixed About dialog in Source Mode for IE.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3953</a> : Fixed keystroke for close Paste dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3951</a> : Reset size and lock ratio options were not accessible in Image dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3921</a> : Fixed Container scroll issue on IE7.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3940</a> : Fixed list operation doesn't stop at table.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3891</a> : [IE] Fixed 'automatic' font color doesn't work.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3972</a> : Fixed unable to remove a single empty list in document in Firefox with enterMode=BR.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3973</a> : Fixed list creation error at the end of document.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3959</a> : Pasting styled text from word result in content lost.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3793</a> : Combined images into sprites.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3783</a> : Fixed indenting command in table cells create collapsed paragraph.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3968</a> : About dialog layout was broken with IE+Standards+RTL.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3991</a> : In IE quirks, text was not visible in v2 and office2003 skins.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3983</a> : In IE, we&#39;ll now
+			silently ignore wrong toolbar definition settings which have extra commas being
+			left around.</li>
+		<li>Fixed the following test cases:<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#3992</a> : core/ckeditor2.html</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4138</a> : core/plugins.html</li>
+			<li><a href="">#3801</a> : plugins/htmldataprocessor/htmldataprocessor.html</li>
+		</ul></li>
+		<li><a href="">#3989</a> : Host page horizontal scrolling a lot when on having righ-to-left direction.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4001</a> : Create link around existing image result incorrect.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3988</a> : Destroy editor on form submit event cause error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3994</a> : Insert horizontal line at end of document cause error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4074</a> : Indent error with 'indentClasses' config specified.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4057</a> : Fixed anchor is lost after switch between editing modes.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3644</a> : Image dialog was missin radio lock.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4014</a> : Firefox2 had no dialog button backgrounds.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4018</a> : Firefox2 had no richcombo text visible.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4035</a> : [IE6] Paste dialog size was too small.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4049</a> : Kama skin was too wide with config.width.</li>
+		<li>The following released files now doesn't require the _source folder<ul>
+			<li><a href="">#4086</a> : _samples/ui_languages.html</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4093</a> : _tests/core/dom/document.html</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4094</a> : Smiley plugin file</li>
+			<li><a href="">#4097</a> : No undo/redo support for fontColor and backgroundColor buttons.</li>
+		</ul></li>
+		<li><a href="">#4085</a> : Paste and Paste from Word dialogs were not well styled in IE+RTL.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3982</a> : Fixed enterKey on empty list item result in weird dom structure.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4101</a> : Now it is possible to close dialog before gets focus.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4075</a> : [IE6/7]Fixed apply custom inline style with "class" attribute failed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4087</a> : [Firefox]Fixed extra blocks created on create list when full document selected.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4097</a> : No undo/redo support for fontColor and backgroundColor buttons.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4111</a> : Fixed apply block style after inline style applied on full document error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3622</a> : Fixed shift enter with selection not deleting highlighted text.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4092</a> : [IE6] Close button was missing for dialog without multiple tabs.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4003</a> : Markup on the image dialog was disrupted when removing the border input.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4096</a> : Editor content area was pushed down in IE RTL quirks.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4112</a> : [FF] Paste dialog had scrollbars in quirks.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4118</a> : Dialog dragging was
+			occasionally behaving strangely .</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4077</a> : The toolbar combos
+			were rendering incorrectly in some languages, like Chinese.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3622</a> : The toolbar in the v2
+			skin was wrapping improperly in some languages.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4119</a> : Unable to edit image link with image dialog.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4117</a> : Fixed dialog error when transforming image into button.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4058</a> : [FF] wysiwyg mode is sometimes not been activated.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4114</a> : [IE] RTE + IE6/IE7 Quirks = dialog mispositoned.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4123</a> : Some dialog buttons were broken in IE7 quirks.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4122</a> : [IE] The image dialog
+			was being rendered improperly when loading an image with long URL.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4144</a> : Fixed the white-spaces at the end of &lt;pre&gt; is incorrectly removed.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4143</a> : Fixed element id is lost when extracting contents from the range.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4007</a> : [IE] Source area overflow from editor chrome.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4145</a> : Fixed the on demand
+			(&quot;basic&quot;) loading model of the editor.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4139</a> : Fixed list plugin regression of [3903].</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4147</a> : Unify style text normalization logic when comparing styles.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4150</a> : Fixed enlarge list result incorrect at the inner boundary of block.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4164</a> : Now it is possible to paste text
+			in Source mode even if forcePasteAsPlainText = true.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4129</a> : [FF]Unable to remove list with Ctrl-A.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4172</a> : [Safari] The trailing
+			&lt;br&gt; was not been always added to blank lines ending with &amp;nbsp;.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4178</a> : It&#39;s now possible to
+			copy and paste Flash content among different editor instances.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4193</a> : Automatic font color produced empty span on Firefox 3.5.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4186</a> : [FF] Fixed First open float panel cause host page scrollbar blinking.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4227</a> : Fixed destroy editor instance created on textarea which is not within form cause error.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#4240</a> : Fixed editor name containing hyphen break editor completely.</li>
+		<li><a href="">#3828</a> : Malformed nested list is now corrected by the parser.</li>
+	</ul>
+	<h3>
+		CKEditor 3.0 RC</h3>
+	<p>
+		Changelog starts at this release.</p>
+	<div id="footer">
+		<hr />
+		<p>
+			CKEditor - The text editor for Internet - <a href=""></a>
+		</p>
+		<p id="copy">
+			Copyright &copy; 2003-2010, <a href="">CKSource</a> - Frederico
+			Knabben. All rights reserved.
+		</p>
+	</div>

File ckeditor/media/ckeditor/ckeditor/INSTALL.html

+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
+Copyright (c) 2003-2010, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
+For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
+<html xmlns="">
+	<title>Installation Guide - CKEditor</title>
+	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
+	<style type="text/css">
+		h3