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You can now add some patterns for html::absoluteURLHandler()

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 class html
 	public static $url_root;
+	public static $absolute_regs = array();
 	@function escapeHTML
 		self::$url_root = $root;
 		$attr = 'action|background|cite|classid|codebase|data|href|longdesc|profile|src|usemap';
-		return preg_replace_callback('/((?:'.$attr.')=")(.*?)(")/msu',array('self','absoluteURLHandler'),$str);
+		$str = preg_replace_callback('/((?:'.$attr.')=")(.*?)(")/msu',array('self','absoluteURLHandler'),$str);
+		foreach (self::$absolute_regs as $r) {
+			$str = preg_replace_callback($r,array('self','absoluteURLHandler'),$str);
+		}
+		return $str;
 	private static function absoluteURLHandler($m)
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