David Schneider  committed 05958b4

fix for epoll to avoid that defined constans get casted to a long when running
app level tests.

On ARM EPOLLET is defined as 1u << 31 instead of 1 << 31 as it seems to be the
case on x86 systems (at least those I checked), thus getting transformed to a
long when running the app level tests on top of cpython.

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File pypy/module/select/

     if sys.platform.startswith('linux'):
         interpleveldefs['epoll'] = 'interp_epoll.W_Epoll'
-        from import cconfig, public_symbols
-        for symbol in public_symbols:
-            value = cconfig[symbol]
+        from import public_symbols
+        for symbol, value in public_symbols.iteritems():
             if value is not None:
                 interpleveldefs[symbol] = "space.wrap(%r)" % value

File pypy/module/select/

 from pypy.rpython.tool import rffi_platform
 from pypy.rlib._rsocket_rffi import socketclose, FD_SETSIZE
 from pypy.rlib.rposix import get_errno
+from pypy.rlib.rarithmetic import intmask
 from pypy.translator.tool.cbuild import ExternalCompilationInfo
     ("data", CConfig.epoll_data)
-public_symbols = [
+public_symbols = dict.fromkeys([
-    ]
+    ])
 for symbol in public_symbols:
     setattr(CConfig, symbol, rffi_platform.DefinedConstantInteger(symbol))
 cconfig = rffi_platform.configure(CConfig)
+for symbol in public_symbols:
+    public_symbols[symbol] = intmask(cconfig[symbol])
 epoll_event = cconfig["epoll_event"]