pypy / lib-python / 2.7 / test /

Diff from to


             self.assertEqual(sys.getdlopenflags(), oldflags+1)
+    @test.test_support.impl_detail("reference counting")
     def test_refcount(self):
         # n here must be a global in order for this test to pass while
         # tracing with a python function.  Tracing calls PyFrame_FastToLocals
             is sys._getframe().f_code
-    # sys._current_frames() is a CPython-only gimmick.
+    @test.test_support.impl_detail("current_frames")
     def test_current_frames(self):
         have_threads = True
         self.assertEqual(len(sys.float_info), 11)
         self.assertEqual(sys.float_info.radix, 2)
         self.assertEqual(len(sys.long_info), 2)
-        self.assertTrue(sys.long_info.bits_per_digit % 5 == 0)
+        if test.test_support.check_impl_detail(cpython=True):
+            self.assertTrue(sys.long_info.bits_per_digit % 5 == 0)
+        else:
+            self.assertTrue(sys.long_info.bits_per_digit >= 1)
         self.assertTrue(sys.long_info.sizeof_digit >= 1)
         self.assertEqual(type(sys.long_info.bits_per_digit), int)
         self.assertEqual(type(sys.long_info.sizeof_digit), int)
             self.assertEqual(type(getattr(sys.flags, attr)), int, attr)
+    @test.test_support.impl_detail("sys._clear_type_cache")
     def test_clear_type_cache(self):
         self.assertIn(executable, ["''", repr(sys.executable)])
+@unittest.skipUnless(test.test_support.check_impl_detail(), "sys.getsizeof()")
 class SizeofTest(unittest.TestCase):
     TPFLAGS_HAVE_GC = 1<<14
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