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File pypy/jit/backend/arm/test/

 from pypy.config.translationoption import DEFL_GC
 from pypy.rlib import rgc
 from import skip_unless_run_slow_tests
 class TestTranslationARM(CCompiledMixin):
     CPUClass = getcpuclass()
     def test_direct_assembler_call_translates(self):
         """Test CALL_ASSEMBLER and the recursion limit"""
         from pypy.rlib.rstackovf import StackOverflow
-        skip_unless_run_slow_tests()
         class Thing(object):
             def __init__(self, val):
         return t
     def test_external_exception_handling_translates(self):
-        skip_unless_run_slow_tests()
         jitdriver = JitDriver(greens = [], reds = ['n', 'total'])
         class ImDone(Exception):