pypy / pypy / module / cppyy / test / stltypes.xml


  <namespace name="std" />

  <class pattern="std::vector<*>" />
  <class pattern="std::vector<*>::iterator" />
  <class pattern="std::vector<*>::const_iterator" />

  <class pattern="std::list<*>" />
  <class pattern="std::list<*>::iterator" />
  <class pattern="std::list<*>::const_iterator" />
  <class name="std::__detail::_List_node_base" />

  <class pattern="__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<*>" />

  <!-- the following are for testing, not for iteration -->
  <function name="__gnu_cxx::operator=="/>
  <function name="__gnu_cxx::operator!="/>

  <class name="just_a_class" />

  <class name="std::string" />
  <class name="stringy_class" />

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