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Vehicle Controller

This plugin will cover most wanted features in vehicles which R* always 'forget' to implement, even if it is requested since 90's.

Table of Contents


  • Turn signals, including hazard alert flashing.
  • Hood and trunk control, including vehicles such as cargobob, cargoplane, titan, etc.
  • Back doors control, including¬†trailers such as Fame or Shame trailer, normal trailers, mule, etc.
  • Interior, taxi and search lights, where applicable.
  • Window control (Driver can open/close his or all windows, passenger can just manage his window).
  • Break lights control (configurable if you want the lights stay on after a full stop or not).
  • GTA IV vehicle exit style.
  • Cruise control mode.
  • Skylift Electromagnet controller (Lift up cars).
  • Search lights fully controllable.


  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET
  • Enjoy :-)


Latest Changelog

 * Plugin completely rewritten in C# using the **Script Hook V .NET** Framework!
 * Manage multiple player vehicles, which means that changes (eg: turn signals) won't disappear if you quickly change vehicles.
 * Added several configuration settings. See FAQ for configuration.
 * Added controller support. See FAQ for how to configure.