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Build tool


This is a base multifunctional tool for construction. Using it you can take an object from the inventory, position and orient it in the world, align and attach it to other objects.

The simplest way:

  1. Using LMB position and orient the object in the world.
  2. Double-click LMB somewhere outside of the object to confirm the positioning or click RMB to cancel the action.

However, you can do more interesting things between these two steps:

Change the object's pivot

Just draw a new pivot using MMB. When you release the button, the pivot will be changed and the object will be automatically taken back to the inventory, so you could reposition it again using its new pivot.

For more information, see the article about objects' pivots.


When you see the move icon, you can move the object holding LMB. If you don't want the object to rotate while moving, hold Shift key, it temporary blocks the rotation.


Press X to switch to the snapping mode. Here you can snap the object's vertices to the vertices of other objects. To do so, click LMB at the object's vertex and drag it to any other object's vertex. This will apply a force that will pull the vertex in the specified direction.

Moreover, you can align the object's edges to other object's edges in a similar manner. Just click LMB at the edge and drag it to some other edge.


You can establish multiple connections between different vertices and edges. To cancel them all, click RMB.

The lines drawn on the object with the draw tool behave exactly the same way as its native edges. Hence, you can snap a line to an edge and vice versa, or snap a vertex to a point on a line, or use other combinations. For more information, see the article about snapping.


Press 3 to temporary enable the slice tool. Click RMB or press 2 or 3 again to disable it. If you do the actual slicing, the lightest part of the sliced object will fall off and you will continue with the heaviest part. For more information, see the slice tool description.


There are two categories of connections:

  • static fasteners (nails, L-brackets and big staples)
  • dynamic joints (only axle at the moment)

Press C to select the fasteners or V to select joints, then use Scroll Wheel to choose the desired fastener or joint in the category.

Click LMB to establish the connection(s) or RMB to discard the previous one.

For more information about connections, check the article about the connect tool.

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