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Basic controls

WASD ― move

Shift ― sprint

Control ― crouch

Space ― jump

Double Space ― fly mode

In the fly mode Space ― up, Q ― down

Esc ― main menu

~ (tilde) ― helper menu with a bunch of different options inside. Right now it's the only place where you can get more raw materials for your inventory.

F2 - show/hide playback control panel.

I ― show/hide inventory. It's not a fully functional inventory yet, but at least it shows what objects you have. Use up and down cursor keys to select the object.

Alt ― camera lock. While this key is pressed, the camera stands still and the mouse controls the cursor on the screen.

1 ― no active tool, empty hands.

2build tool. This is a multifunctional tool for positioning, orienting and connecting the objects.

3slice tool. It's for cutting the objects into pieces. You can slice any single object any way you like.

4pull tool. Useful when you want something to rotate or fall.

5draw tool. It's for drawing lines on the objects. Useful for snapping.

6connect tool. This tool is used for connecting the objects with different fasteners, and also for removing the fasteners.

7measure tool. Ruler and protractor tools for measuring distances and angles.

0sweep tool. Useful for removing many small objects with a single click.

E ― if you're looking at some object, this key opens its context menu. Alternatively you can just click it with RMB.

Fpick up and carry the object.

B ― throws a ball to test physics.

The primary mouse button for almost all the actions related to construction is LMB. RMB is mostly used for cancelling the previous actions. MMB is used for changing object pivots.

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