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What is it?

This is a prototype project started to verify whether it is possible to design a game where a player could construct buildings from scratch using nothing else but basic materials like planks and logs.

Additional conditions:

  • All actions related to construction must be possible using first-person point of view.

  • There should be no pre-fabricated construction blocks available for the player at the beginning, e.g. no wall sections, no doors, no stairs etc. Everything should be made from scratch and it should be possible to make everything from scratch out of raw materials. However, if a player wants to have a set of custom building blocks, it should be possible to make and use it.

Where is the download link?

Here is a web folder where all the public builds are stored.

How to start?

If you start a new game, you'll see an empty scene and your inventory will be empty as well. To add some basic objects to the inventory check the helper menu (~). There you can create planks, balks, logs and other basic shapes to start with.

You can connect objects to each other using build and connect tools, slice them any way you like using slice tool, move the objects around using carry mode or pull tool.

Check the article about basic controls to see what else you can do.

General: Home - Controls - Playback

Tools: Build - Slice - Pull - Draw - Connect - Measure - Sweep

Concepts: Snapping - Pivot - Carrying