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Snapping is a feature that makes it possible to slice or align objects against each other very precisely. It can be used within build tool, slice tool, draw tool and measure tool.

To switch snapping on or off press Z.

When snapping is on, the cursor will snap to object edges and some specific points on those edges. The same applies to the lines drawn with the draw tool and also the rulers.

The snapping feature has a numerical parameter - the divisor, which shows how many segments the edge/line will be divided into, so the cursor could snap to the end-points of that segments. This divisor is shown as a small number in the corner of the snapping icon. You can adjust it using Scroll Wheel. The possible range is from 0 to 8:

  • 0 means that the edge won't be divided into segments and the cursor won't snap to any points. It will snap to the edge itself only.


  • 1 means that the edge will consist only of one segment, so the cursor will be able to snap to the edge's end-points as well as to the edge itself.


  • 4 means that the edge will be divided into 4 equal segments, so the cursor could snap to the edge's end-points or to 3 points in-between equally distributed along the edge.


  • etc

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