Jason McKesson


A system for creating your own OpenGL loading code. It takes a set of extensions and an OpenGL version, and only generates headers with those in it.


OpenGL Tutorials for the modern graphics programmer

Unofficial OpenGL SDK

A Software Development Kit for writing OpenGL applications. It contains an OpenGL loading library, an image library, and is distributed with several external libraries: GLM for math functionality, FreeGLUT and GLFW for OpenGL initialization. The SDK has a unified build system for easy building.

GL XML Specs

Hosts the OpenGL Specification files in an XML format.

OpenGL Enumerator Database

An attempt at an up-to-date database of all OpenGL functions and the valid enumerators that they take.


A database of the OpenGL functions that take enums and which enums they take.

GL Profile Suite

The OpenGL Profiling Suite has a number of applications that profile various aspects of OpenGL.

WPF Window Snap

A library for having WPF windows snap to the sides of the screen and other windows.

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