1. Jason McKesson
  2. GL Profile Suite


GL Profile Suite / tests / interleave_arrays / suite.lua

suite "interleave_arrays"
	desc "Determine how much better interleaved arrays perform compared to non-interleaved and multiple-buffered arrays."
	includes "<boost/range.hpp>"
	includes "<sstream>"
	includes "<boost/range/irange.hpp>"
		attribute_count = closed_range(3, 8),
		vertex_count = {25000, 50000, 100000},
	timings {"gpu_time", "gpu_latency",}
	variables {
		test1 = "std::vector<int>",
		a_buffer = "gl buffer object",
		buffers = "gl list buffer object",
	initialize [[This is some code]]
	initialize [[
Code on multiple lines.
This should be indented properly.

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test "arrayIndivSep"
	desc "Separate arrays, where each array is within its own buffer object."
	flags {"finish", "swap"}
	render_flags {"discard"}