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Merge with newspec-mods

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         <enum value="0x2043"        name="ERROR_INVALID_PIXEL_TYPE_ARB" />
         <enum value="0x2043"        name="ERROR_INVALID_PIXEL_TYPE_EXT" />
         <enum value="0x2044"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_MULTIVIEW_I3D" />
-        <enum value="0x2045"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTENAL_SYNC_I3D" />
-        <enum value="0x2046"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTENAL_FIELD_I3D" />
-        <enum value="0x2047"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTENAL_TTL_I3D" />
+        <enum value="0x2045"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTERNAL_SYNC_I3D" />
+        <enum value="0x2046"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTERNAL_FIELD_I3D" />
+        <enum value="0x2047"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTERNAL_TTL_I3D" />
         <enum value="0x2048"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_DIGITAL_SYNC_I3D" />
         <enum value="0x2049"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_DIGITAL_FIELD_I3D" />
         <enum value="0x204A"        name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EDGE_FALLING_I3D" />
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