Jason McKesson avatar Jason McKesson committed d0bb62c

Lua file to build conversion.

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+local LoadXml = require "LoadXml"
+require "_TableWriter"
+local Build = require "_BuildDataFromXml"
+local specs =
+	{file="gl.xml", out="glspec.lua", api="gl",  support="gl",  enumPrefix="GL_",  funcPrefix="gl"},
+	{file="wgl.xml", out="wglspec.lua", api=nil, support="wgl", enumPrefix="WGL_", funcPrefix="wgl"},
+	{file="glx.xml", out="glxspec.lua", api=nil, support="glx", enumPrefix="GLX_", funcPrefix="glX"},
+for _, spec in ipairs(specs) do
+	local xmlData, errors = LoadXml.LoadXml("newglspecs/" .. spec.file)
+	local data = Build.BuildData(xmlData, spec.api,
+		spec.support, spec.enumPrefix, spec.funcPrefix)
+	local hFile = io.open("newglspecs/" .. spec.out, "w")
+	WriteTable(hFile, data)
+	hFile:close()


         <extension name="WGL_I3D_genlock" supported="wgl">
                 <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_MULTIVIEW_I3D" />
-                <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTENAL_SYNC_I3D" />
-                <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTENAL_FIELD_I3D" />
-                <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTENAL_TTL_I3D" />
+                <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTERNAL_SYNC_I3D" />
+                <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTERNAL_FIELD_I3D" />
+                <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EXTERNAL_TTL_I3D" />
                 <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_DIGITAL_SYNC_I3D" />
                 <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_DIGITAL_FIELD_I3D" />
                 <enum name="WGL_GENLOCK_SOURCE_EDGE_FALLING_I3D" />
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