GL XML Specs / _ExtractTypes.lua

The branch 'spec-mods' does not exist.
--[[ This function takes a handle to a .tm file, and returns a table. The keys for the table are
the GL-generic types, and the values are the actual C++ types for them.


function ExtractTypes(hInFile)
	local typemapPattern = "^(%S-),.-,.-,%s-(%S.-),";
	local typeMap = {};

	for strCurrLine in hInFile:lines() do
		local strOutLine = CullLine(strCurrLine);
		if(strOutLine) then
			local glType, realType = string.match(strOutLine, typemapPattern);
			if(glType and realType) then
				if(typeMap[glType]) then
					print("typemap duplicate: " .. strOutLine);
					typeMap[glType] = realType;
				print("bad typemap line: " .. strOutLine);
	return typeMap;
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