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Jason McKesson  committed 65d94e5

Emitter is now stable; sorts the function list as well as the param lists within a function.

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File function_enums/info.txt

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+This is where the main function enums should be edited. These files are checked into Mercurial. The generated files go into basic_dump.
+When the .spec files are updated, re-generate the basic_dump by executing "lua MakeDirectDump.lua" from the glLoadGen directory (obviously download and copy glLoadGen to that directory).
+Then go to this directory and execute the "lua CopyFromDump.lua" script. This will copy any new definitions here, as well as delete any ones that are not still part of the .spec files. It will specify on the command-line any parameters that are to be deleted.
+You can use Mercurial to diff the modified file to see exactly what was deleted in the transfer, so that you can re-instate it.

File glLoadGen/modules/StyleEnumDB.lua

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 local function WriteTableToFile(basename, filename, functbl_)
 	local hFile
+	table.sort(functbl_, function(lhs, rhs) return lhs.name < rhs.name end)
 	for _, funcEntry in ipairs(functbl_) do
 		if(not hFile) then
 			local base, dir = util.ParsePath(basename)
 		hFile:fmt("['%s'] = {\n", funcEntry.name)
+		table.sort(funcEntry.list)
 		for _, enumParamName in ipairs(funcEntry.list) do
 			hFile:fmt("['%s'] = {},\n", enumParamName)