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 The option "core_3_3" is the basic component of the filename that will be used for the generation. Since it is generating OpenGL loaders (again, as opposed to WGL or GLX), it will generate files named "gl_core_3_3.*", where * is the extension used by the particular style.
 The above command line will generate "gl_core_3_3.h" and "gl_core_3_3.c" files. Simply include them in your project; there is no library to build, no unresolved extenals to filter through. They just work.
+Version 1.0:
+ * New Noload loader. Works like GLee.
+ * -stdext now works relative to the extfiles directory, not just LoadGen. So no need to do -stdext=extfiles/gl_name_of_standard_file.txt.
+ * A test suite.
+ * Lua Filesystem is now in use; if it's not available, then you must create the destination directory yourself.
+Version 0.3:
+ * Replaced the old generation system with a flexible structure system.
+ * Migrated the styles to the structure system.
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