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     <para>In general, a style and a structure are created in tandem; if a structure is to be used in
         multiple styles, then the structure can be created first. But it's much easier to make part
         of a structure, implement enough style functions to use it, then expand on it.</para>
-    <para><phrase role="toc"/></para>
+    <para>There are two documents available to help you learn about making styles. The first is a
+        step-by-step guide to making a new style and structure. The second is a <link
+            xlink:href="Structure_Reference">reference manual for the structure
+        system</link>.</para>
-        <title>Making the Structure</title>
-        <para>This page will provide a basic overview for making a simple structure. <link
-                xlink:href="Structure_Reference">The reference page</link> has more in-depth
-            documentation about all aspects of structure creation.</para>
-        <para/>
-        <para/>
-    </section>
-    <section>
-        <title>Library functions</title>
-        <para>There are a number of common operations that different styles will share. The
-                <literal>CommonStyle</literal> module returns a table containing these operations.
-            They are defined as follows:</para>
-    </section>
-    <section>
-        <title>Resolving conflicts</title>
-        <para>Your style may create global definitions and so forth that come into conflict with
-            other things. Here are the rules you need to follow:</para>
+        <title>Responsibilities</title>
+        <para>Your style may create global definitions and so forth. In C/C++, definitions in one
+            source file can come into conflict with definitions in another. Here are the rules that
+            the system expects new styles to follow when creating such definitions:</para>
                 <para>The user should be able to use different specs with the same style and link
                     should coexist. This effectively means that you need to make sure that your
                     names are prefixed with something spec-specific. The <literal>spec</literal>
                     table has functions to get an appropriate prefix; the
-                        <literal>spec.DeclPrefix</literal> is the general prefix for
+                        <literal>spec.DeclPrefix()</literal> function is the general prefix for
                     declaration/definitions of things that can conflict at link time.</para>
                     against the empty string.</para>
-        <para>So prefix names that can conflict with the user-prefix <emphasis>and</emphasis> the
-            spec's prefix.</para>
-    </section>
-    <section>
-        <title>Style function reference</title>
-        <para>The file <filename>modules/SampleStyle.lua</filename> contains a file that you can
-            simply copy and paste to start making a style. Every function you need to define is
-            listed, as well as comments explaining exactly what they should do. Coupled with this
-            documentation, you should be well on your way to getting a style working.</para>
+        <para>So decorate names that can conflict with the user-prefix <emphasis>and</emphasis> the
+            spec's prefix. In C, you'll have to prefix the actual names.</para>