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         The number of functions that failed to load refers to the core functions (and core extension
+        <title>Versions</title>
+        <para>When you use this system and provide a version number of OpenGL,
+                <literal>pointer_cpp</literal> will assume that you are <emphasis>serious</emphasis>
+            about that version number. Which means that if you create a 3.3 header, and you do not
+            supply a context that claims support for at least OpenGL version 3.3, loading failure
+            may occur.</para>
+        <para>In particular, OpenGL changed the mechanism to check for the presence/absence of
+            extensions in version 3.0. Therefore, <literal>pointer_cpp</literal> will also change
+            how it checks for the presence/absence of extensions based on that. If you provide a
+            version 3.0 or greater, it will use the new style. Thus, if your context is only version
+            2.1, then this style will be unable to function and will return
+                <literal>LOAD_FAILED</literal>.</para>
+    </section>
+    <section>
         <para>These headers are "compatible" with headers from other libraries (FreeGLUT, GLFW,
             etc), but only in the sense that they define the appropriate typedefs globally. If any