Not writing script properly?

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It keeps saying that it is expecting an "=" near LoadGen. What exactly am I doing wrong?

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  1. FiredHigh

    In the wiki tab above, I'm using the command line given to open up the Code Generator (the first code box) I'm writing it out exactly into Lua

  2. Jason McKesson

    Do you have Lua installed correctly? The download package seems to be working fine with that command line. Are you using something out of Mercurial rather than the download?

    Also, can you show the exact error message, copied directly from the command line window (along with the actual command-line)?

    Oh, and what platform are you using this on?

  3. Jason McKesson

    OK, I see what you're doing now. You're double-clicking on the Lua executable, then typing the command line into that. That's not how this works.

    You're supposed to open a console window, and from there enter the command line. What you get when you double-click the Lua executable is just Lua's std-in interpreter.

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