Add glLoadGen Info comments to generated files

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Issue #20 resolved
fmatthew5876 created an issue

Would you consider adding comments about glLoadGen to the generated header files? Possibly the C/CPP files as well?

I'm using header/c files created by glLoadGen in a project and it would be nice if in the header file it has some information about glLoadGen. At least the following:

  • State the header was generated from glLoadGen
  • What version of glLoadGen was used
  • Where to find glLoadGen download and information (this site)
  • What command line was used to generate the header

The next developer using my code may need to add an extension, change the version, or make some other gl related modification. They may have no idea that glLoadGen exists or where the header came from. I think this would be really helpful.

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  1. Zachary Lund

    Agreed. People are confused that the files I'm using are generated and sometimes attempt to push changes against the files.

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