Major/minor GL version numbers reversed

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Issue #36 resolved
geoff_wode created an issue

In the generated 'gl' spec C file, the ogl_GetMajorVersion() function actually returns the minor number while ogl_GetMinorVersion() returns the major.

Using current download v1.0.4.

Command line:

lua52.exe LoadGen.lua gl_4.3 -spec=gl -version=4.3 -profile=core -style=pointer_c -indent=space

Generated code:

int ogl_GetMinorVersion()
    if(g_major_version == 0)
    return g_major_version; /* <<< should read 'g_minor_version' */
int ogl_GetMajorVersion()
    if(g_major_version == 0) //Yes, check the major version to get the minor one.
    return g_minor_version; /* <<< should read 'g_major_version' */


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