Error when generating with 2.0.2

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Issue #54 resolved
Former user created an issue

When i try to generate an OpenGL Loader with v2.0.2 i get a lua error (attachment).

Happens also with 4.3 and pointer_c so I guess the whole thing doesn´t work. I´m running lua 5.1.4

I didn´t change anything in the files (happens just out of the box) so...

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  1. Taylor Denison

    This appears to just be an issue with the download. If you look at the latest committed source code for the offending file (modules\Style.lua), you'll see that the block that's causing the issue isn't there.

    I just went ahead and deleted the offending "else" block, and everything works fine. Not sure why the 2.0.2 download is different from the committed source, though :)

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