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Issue #63 resolved
Zachary Lund created an issue

The IsVersionGEQ function in the CPP and C pointer styles are backwards.

if(g_major_version == 0)

if(majorVersion > g_major_version) return 1;
if(majorVersion < g_major_version) return 0;
if(minorVersion >= g_minor_version) return 1;
return 0;

If we feed this (2, 1) when we have version (4, 4), it will return false. g_major_version is the version of our context, so the first check to pass in this case would be "if (majorVersion < g_major_version) return 0;" which returns false.

Given I've had pull requests going on weeks now, I see no point in explicitly submitting pull requests. It's been fixed in the bleeding branch on my repository if someone would like to pull that in themselves.

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  1. Zachary Lund reporter

    I'll also add that if we have context version of 2.1 and we feed it (2, 1), it passes which isn't consistent. It's bad logic.

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