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Dario Oliveri created an issue

actually there are lot of things that can throw warnings when compiling.

0 constant for null (like hundreds of this warnings) => fix: use NULL and optionally add a flag for C++11 wich generates "nullptr" instead of "NULL"

there are lot of old style casts around there, they should be replaced with static_cast or reinterpret_cast.

certain defines are used without being checked (for example _MSC_VER)

a fix is to expand them to other macros in order to always have defined EXAMPLE:

#ifndef _MSC_VER
  #define GL_GEN_MSC_VER       0   //just a safe value to make tests fails
  #define GL_GEN_MSC_VER      _MSC_VER

#if (GL_GEN_MSC_VER >= 800) ||  //bla bla

Another optional point, is to allows exporting by another command "-dllstuff" that can be used like GLEW_STATIC or GLEW_BUILD so that if desired, someone can precompile glLoadGen into a DLL or a static library

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