GL_QUADS define included in OpenGL 4.2 core profile header

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I created files using the command "lua LoadGen.lua core_4_2 -style=pointer_c -spec=gl -version=4.2 -profile=core" The generated gl_core_4_2.h file includes the line "#define GL_QUADS 0x0007" but it shouldn't because that's not present in the core profile. This appears to be true for all the 4.x versions.

The code generator correctly omits GL_QUADS for the OpenGL 3.x versions.

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  1. katz-

    I think GL_QUADS was reintroduced in the 4.1 core.

    From :

    However, this may not be possible in every case. For example, take the GL_QUADS enumerator. This enumerator was defined way back in GL 1.1. But 3.1 removed it, so if you ask for a 3.1 core header, you shouldn't get GL_QUADS.

    The problem is that it didn't stay removed. GL 4.0/ARB_tessellation_shader brought it back (though only as a tessellation target). Which means if you ask for a 3.1 core header it should be gone, but if you ask for a 3.1 core header that includes ARB_tessellation_shader, it should return. As it should if you ask for a 4.1 core header (with or without ARB_tessellation_shader).

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