Feature request: generate func_cpp style loader without dependency on C++ standard library

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Issue #78 resolved
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  1. Jason McKesson repo owner

    I do not intend to change func_cpp to not use the standard library, nor do I want to make a new style just for that. However, once I get generator-specific options into the system, I would have no problem with adding an option to allow func_cpp to generate code that does not use vector or any other allocating part of the standard library. In that case, func_cpp may just become an option atop pointer_cpp, since there's very little difference between them.

    That being said, my willingness to accommodate this request ends with rewriting std::find_if. I can understand not wanting the system to dynamically allocate memory in a way that you can't override. But unless you can provide a reason why a library using a simple algorithm would be a burden to your codebase, I'm afraid I cannot comply with that part of the request.

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