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Various fixes and features, Attempt #2

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  1. computerquip

1) We fix IsVersionGEQ which is apparently backwards. We can tell as some logic gives incorrect results.

2) Added rudimentary support for EGL. It's not to be expected to work as I have no machine to even test it on yet. Shout out to PowerColor for taking over a month and half and several emails to start the RMA process...

3) Fixes some bad deprecation warnings in VC++. These warnings are non-sensical and safe to remove.

4) The Apple Loader has been modified. Please see corresponding issue and commit for more information.

5) Re-organized the spec loader functions in general to be less verbose and easier to follow (perhaps more efficient although doubt it matters).

Still to do: I'd like to finish the EGL support. I'd also like to eventually start on somehow removing the need for GetProcAddress... some convenient form of this will also be required for eglGetProcAddress as it doesn't support loading core functions (directly from specification: "eglGetProcAddress may not be queried for core (non-extension) functions in EGL or client APIs").

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